Saturday, March 23, 2013

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Indian Red

Today marks the last of the 5-weekend days series on OMG Crystal Sand nail polish... featuring Indian Red.

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Indian Red

With names like Opal, Quartz, Citrine, and Peridot (as well as the ones I haven't tried yet - Emerald and Hematite), this one seemed to be a little out of place given its name. I wondered why they didn't name this Ruby, but I guess the reason for that is that this is not really fiery red in color, but more of reddish-fuchsia.

Of the five ones I tried, this also had the least amount of crystal sand particles, which looked more like glitters when applied on nails.

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Indian Red OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Indian Red

Very pigmented, though it needs two coats to get the great nail color, as one coat tend to look uneven. I went for three very thin coats, though... because I guess I am already used to having three coats, regardless of what nail polish I use. Because the crystal sand wasn't as much as the other shades, I liked having this without the top coat. It still had the textured finish (after all, it still has crystal sand), but some parts of my nails had quite a smooth finish. Like the other I have tried, this dried quick, too. :)

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Indian Red

Applying it with a topcoat makes it look bolder, shiny, and the crystal sand sparkles when hit by light. I compared this with sugar glazed strawberries, and I think going for the jelly clear top coat made it look like I just did a glitter sandwich.

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In conclusion:
I like the OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes. For 18.75 pesos a bottle (if you buy it in Landmark), it surely is a very cheap way of having glam nails. These nail polishes are Toluene and DBP free, and quite easy to remove compared to most glitter nail polishes, so I wouldn't hesitate going for this again. I just hope they'd come up with more colors - maybe a Garnet, Sapphire, Turquoise, and Diamond, and I do hope their products would be widely available. Aside from the Landmark, you can get these at Divisoria and some online stores, though their prices are somewhat more expensive - online stores sell these at p25 to p40, a store in Divisoria sells this at p35 per bottle. 

I still am on a lookout for the other two OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes - Emerald and Hematite.


  1. So pretty! It's good to know that it comes off easily. That's the main reason I don't wear glitter very often.

  2. Hi Ladies, I really like textures polishes. I just tried my first (OPI What Wizardy Is This) and fell in love. This is an awesome color too!

  3. I live in the U.S. Where can I find these? I didn't see them on Ebay. THanks!

    1. Oh, I really don't know where to buy this in the U.S., sorry.


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