Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Means New Life. Hello, Monday!

It's a very hot summer here in the Philippines, but I like to believe that the country still goes through all many seasons, even if there are basically just two main seasons. For instance, it can get very cold during December 'til January, and it feels spring come February. Though very short of a period as summer comes in March, it is still a month to celebrate many things.

Orange Flowers
Fire Trees
those aren't leaves.... but flowers. trees blossoming every february. awesome!
10 Things I Love About Spring:
  1. It's synonymous to having a new life... or turning over a new leaf.
  2. Life is just full of positivity.
  3. Renewed spirits.
  4. Everything just feels so light.
  5. Pastel colors!
  6. Letting go of negative vibes and embracing changes.
  7. Fiery sunsets.
  8. Flowers all over.
  9. Exercising is much easier.
  10. It makes you anticipate for summer. :)
- * - * - * - 

Like I said, it is summer now... and temp is just way too hot today. Weekend, there were rains (with lightning and thunder), so today was a total opposite scenario. It gives me headaches, and after this post, I will take a time off to cool down before I hop on the elliptical machine. New week, new things to say hello to:

I'm Instagram-ming!

Hello, Instagram!
Hahahaha... finally. Yesterday, sister and I went to the mall to pay the Internet bill, and I also took the time to buy a new memory card for my phone. While having early dinner / last pig-out (for a while) at Ristorante Bigoli, I used their free WiFi to download some apps from the Google Play Store. First choice is Instagram (I think this is the reason why I wanted to own an Android phone), then sister requested I install Fruit Ninja (a game), too. The WiFi signal was quite weak, but I was able to do the things I "needed" to know... another plus point for this phone. :)

I only have two pictures on my Instagram page, I admit I still have to buy a router so I can fully use this app... even if I can login on Instagram using my netbook, I can't upload any pictures.

Salad Days are Here!

Hello, Salad Days!
I like to say I like salads, but because I never really got used to eating it, it is something I need to work on. Don't get me wrong.... I love having lettuce on my sandwiches, and I order salads every now and then, but it is not something that comes natural - like rice. Before, we bought some greens at the Sidcor weekend market, and didn't get to eat much of it. This week, my sister is going for detox (I don't know what program she's going for)... and because it's already the Holy Week for us Catholics, we are encouraged to give up something. For me, I am going to give up meat (pork, chicken, goat, and beef - including processed meats) this week, and will go for salads for dinner... giving up rice for dinner, too.

Yesterday, part of my bonding time with sister is buying stuff at the supermarket, too. Most of the fruits are hers (but we share the lemon and the papaya), the veggies are all mine. I also bought some packs of prepared salad dressings as I still don't know how to make my own dressing and vinaigrette, but I made sure I bought the small packs, so I can use less of it.

For lunch today, I had fried tofu and a bowl of salad consisting of lettuce (I looooooove romaine, by the way, cucumbers (minus the seeds), and a little caesar salad dressing a tablespoon of grated cheddar cheese. I loved it...and I think this is a great avenue for me to appreciate salad totally.

This week, I am saying hello to file burning, too! Time to secure copies of precious photo files! And one last hello to tomatoes... I just planted the seeds, hopefully they grow... because our next door neighbor has this one tomato plant and it has a fruit now! Wow! :)

Hello, Monday!


  1. Congrats for getting on Instagram! Great start! Erin

  2. I would love to see some of your fiery sunsets!

  3. Nice! I noticed Yakult on your photo...I remember drinking that stuff when I lived in Japan. What is in that stuff, anyway? Thanks for the memory--yum!

    1. Probiotics and Live Lactobacilli.. I drink this to aid digestion (somehow this was the cure for my constipation).

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of instagram ;) And I love your spring photos. Keep cool!


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