Sunday, March 17, 2013

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish Peridot

The Philippines don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and I don't know when it will be, but coincidentally, with the two remaining bottles of OMG Crystal Sand nail polish to swatch, I chose the green one, so in a way, my nails are celebrating St. Patrick's Day, too! :)

When I bought my bottles of this nail polish collection, there were two shades of green - Emerald and Peridot. I haven't tried this brand yet, so I am not sure if I am going to love it or not... so I decided to just choose one between the two colors. I ended up choosing Peridot.

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Peridot

Unlike the other OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes I have tried, this was very sheer on the first coat, and the green shade was a little too hard to notice. Normally, I go with medium to thick coats, and I noticed that just like Quartz, it sort of drags the nail polish, too. Learning the lessons, I went for thin coats, and I am pleased to say that it was easier to apply, and it built up good.

This had the most amount of crystal sand particles, making it look silvery-green, but because the sand were compact, it the texture appeared even and smooth (but of course it had a coarse texture, but very subtle). It dried quick, and very durable. I tend the garden after I took these pictures - pulled grasses and plants, yet it didn't chip. Take note, I don't use gloves whenever I tend the garden, clean the house, or do the laundry.

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Peridot OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Peridot

On my nails are three thin coats of Peridot. It had a shiny finish, which doesn't require a top coat, but even if you decide to put a top coat, it will still look the same (I wasn't able to take a picture with the top coat, unfortunately).

Following the nail injury I had last Wednesday, I had to cut my nails short, and I liked it. Well, some of the nail bloggers I follow (Liquid Jelly, The Nail Network, Nailside, Rebecca Likes Nails, and Polish Etc.) all have short nails, and they produce gorgeous nail polish swatches... so I am fine with having short nails. It makes working at home easier while maintaining pretty looking nails. :)

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