Friday, March 22, 2013

15 - 21 March 2013

This week has been pleasant, I'd like to believe. Three people have told me I lost weight; something I found really, really weird because when I was much lighter than I am now, very few would actually notice the weight loss. Now that I have gained back half of the weight I lost (and fears of gaining more), people have noticed I lost weight. Well, I consider them as awesome morale booster.

This week, I want to go back to go back to "Five Minute Fridays." I loved that meme (even if it is really challenging to come up with something in 5 minutes), and I want to take up the challenge once more. This week, it's about remembering.

TGI Friday's - Bonifacio Global CitySister and her Mojito Me and My Strawberry Margarita

Dear Jessie,

There was a moment in my life when I loved being the "only child," so when brother returned to the family (after being taken cared of by Aunt Zorayda), adjusting was difficult. Just when I am getting used to having a big brother, you came in my life and I hated it.

Remembering all the things I did to you makes me guilty. I know I have already talked to you about it - the way I spanked you because you spilled your food, the time when I forced you to say "I'm sorry" in front of my playmates so I can let you play with us, the time I didn't let you borrow my cassette tape ... the list goes on - and you have forgiven me for it, but it's now becoming so funny recalling all the childish things I did to you. I am really sorry for hurting you when you were still a child, please understand I was a child, too, and it hurt me when all the attention were given to you.

We are both adults now, and seeing how close we are, I am thankful God has given you to me. There are families with siblings who can't stand each others' existence, yet you and I just totally jive, despite our age gap. I love going out with you, I love food trippin' with you, and I love it when we talk about serious life stories - our dreams and aspirations as well as talking about relationships, and I just hope that even if we're both wives and mothers, our closeness will always be the same.


My sister is having a terrible shift at work (having to wake up at 3am so she can leave at 4am in time for her shift at 6am), so it was a sweet blessing that we were invited to an event at TGI Friday's featuring their uber talented bartenders. After the main event, they had an open bar and not only did we order our choice of drinks, one of the bartenders even served us a "secret" concoction, which was super delicious! It was a little break she deserved to have, and I am glad she had it.

Fish in Coco Cream Rice Topping Binagoongang Kangkong with Adobo Bisaya Corned Beef for Lunch

This week, I got to cook two recipes. I plan to cook two more, but time just wasn't enough. I also got to try a new product (for me), which tasted good. :)

Cupcakes by Yeye Lunch at Diamond HotelPica-Pica

More food happiness - mom brought home some cupcakes, and I got to eat great food at Manila Diamond Hotel as well as taste TGI Friday's food for the first time. Well, food may be abundant, but I did my best to eat as balanced as possible. The cupcakes were all divided into four (1/4 for each of us in the family), just giving us a taste of each of the flavors.

Other happies this week:
♥ The memory card slot in my camera is now okay.
♥ Moe-Moe Furballs is very much better now.
♥ Sprucing up the garden.
♥ Cleaning my room.
♥ Walking from Pedro Gil LRT Station 'til we reached Manila Diamond Hotel... it allowed me to see certain spots, which will be very useful when K arrives in the Philippines.
♥ Walking from Libertad (Pasay) until we found the jeepney stop going to Arnaiz (Makati). The jeepney ride was a blessing - for I got to see where exactly is the PNR station in Pasay Road.
♥ Meeting Des. We first got to meet at the Foodgasm event, and I didn't know she's a blogger. She and I just shared a table, talked about food in general, and at the Manila Diamond Hotel, I saw her there again, and we are now officially friends. Yey!
♥ At the Mega Sardines event, brother joined a cook-off challenge and won. Happiness is having a lot of sardines to take home - canned, bottled... including those which used olive oil and is given by the company to certain people (meaning it's not for sale), but main happiness to this scenario was when the host asked brother if he had some tricks and twist to the food he cooked and he answered, "At home, my sister adds cheese to the sauce as she cooks it, and it's the inspiration I took when I cooked this pasta sauce." Awwww.... I didn't know that simple sauce preference would get to win brother. :)
♥ Altering the pants - changing them into long pants to short pants. Hello, summer!


Obviously, every week has its crappy moments, and this was the biggest crap of all - injuring my fingers. My mom boiled some water and asked me to pour the water from the kettle to the thermos. Unfortunately, the lid of the kettle fell off and the very hot steam burned my fingers! What's crappier was that my mom was just there - no reaction - and it made me feel so bad. For the first time in a long, long, time, I cried. My fingers were not only hurting, my heart was hurting, too.

with Co-Bloggers at Diamond Hotel

This picture was taken using my cousin Marge's phone (now I know the image quality of My|Phone), and although this is a happy moment, the crappy thing about this was that she shared this on her Instagram and I felt sad that when she asked me of my Instagram name, I can't provide her any. Hahahaha. Well, Instagram sure is the new Twitter, and I surely need to buy a memory card so I can start downloading apps. :)

Other crappies this week:
♥ Talking to cousin Marge, I found out Jollibee gave Samsung Galaxy Y smart phone to all the bloggers present at their Ultimate Burger Steak launch. I actually received an invitation for that, but I wasn't able to attend because I was at a different event and it ended late. Arrrgh!
♥ Declining Nuffnang's invitation for tomorrow's event, because I already had previous commitments.
♥ I am having my period again! Oh geez, I just had my last one on the first few days of this month!

Well, I still have a lot more to be thankful for.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your fingers, that looks really sore and I am not surprised you cried.


  2. Those cupcakes look delicious:) What a blessing to not give up on relationships but to stick to them until you realize their value - how wonderful to be able to share that with your sister!Wishing you blessing this week - hope your finger gets better!

  3. thank you for sharing at 1440... sorry about your finger-injury and especially, that you didn't feel compassion from your mom... unfortunately, some just aren't good at expressing emotions like that, and we have to look hard to find THEIR signs of {or ways of showing} love for us. and i'm glad you were brave enough to express to your sister your regrets and your love for her. it gets easier each time we do that.

    thanks for sharing at 1440. you might like my other blog :: . we just went live last week.


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