Saturday, March 9, 2013

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Opal

Yesterday was the International Day for Women, so I decided to start the OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish Collection with Opal.

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Opal
OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Opal OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Opal

Like what I shared on this post, it was December when I bought five bottles of the OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish. I actually took these pictures early of February, but it was just now that I am sharing these images because I decided to share the Caronia Bright Nights Collection first. Anyway, from today and the next five weekend days, I will be sharing the OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish.

This was the first time I used any of the OMG Nail Polishes and I must say I loved it on the first swatch. This particular shade is one of the richest shades in the collection, and is a good one-coater. However, the sandy effect is determined by the silver speckles, so I used two coats to achieve maximum coverage. Formula is good, the brush is wide enough to cover the nails in a few strokes, and it doesn't chip easy, too.

I loved it on my nails and the shade seemed to compliment my skin tone, especially under the bright sunlight. It has a grainy finish, which feels a little (with emphasis on the word "little") like rubbing the surface of a sandpaper. I love final outcome of the nail polish and opted to wear it without the top coat.

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Opal
OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Opal

For comparison purposes, I applied a top coat the next day. It gave the glossy look to the nails, but if you like the grainy look without the grainy feel, I suggest you put two thick coats of your favorite top coat because one top coat won't be enough as there will still be that grainy texture.

Removal was slightly easier compared to the glitter nail polishes... no need for me to use the aluminum foil, but I did cover each of my nails with cotton soaked in nail polish remover for a while so I won't have to rub too much just to take it out.

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