Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moe-Moe Furballs

Moe-Moe is Sick! :(

Moe-Moe Furballs may just be one year old, but he has had the biggest impact in our lives. I treat him as my baby, and the entire family treats him as the youngest member. All of the cats here in the house are treated like family, but he has to be the only cat who (yes, I used "who") would sleep next to me.

He is one heck of a hyper and naughty cat, so it is very evident when he is not feeling well. First time it happened, he didn't eat for four days, and we thought he would die, but thankfully, his mother just gave birth to another batch of kittens that time, and because he was just a few months old, sucking milk from the mother cat made him survive. Last week, I noticed he was a little sluggish.

In the middle of the night last week, I heard him throw up (as I said, he sleeps next to me). He did drink some water as I changed the sheets of our bed, but after that, he would throw up a few minutes after he eat his meal. It made me worry, but because he would still eat every meal time, I knew he would be just fine. Brother suspected he might have eaten stale food and I felt so guilty because it might be my fault as I forgot to rinse their feeding area one time.

His condition continued for the next two days, until he stopped throwing up and would eat more.


Today, he is back to his old naughty and hyper self. When mom took home a box of cupcakes (baked by Yeye, the daughter of one of her colleagues) and I took some pictures, he couldn't help but hop on the chair to check what I was doing.

He is having a little feud with my sister this week, as my sister decided to sleep next to me so she could wake up at 3am (she has the morning shift at work this week) without disturbing mom's sleep. Moe-Moe Furballs couldn't sleep next to me, and would just sleep on the couch, but as soon as sister leaves for work, he would immediately hop on my bed to sleep next to me. Awww, sweet!

- * - * - * -

Today, I only had two main meals - brunch and dinner. I am not hindering myself to eat, I am just not hungry because of the heat. Way too hot here today, and drinking a lot of water to quench the thirst was enough to make me feel full all the time. I did eat a lot for lunch (2/3 cups of rice + 1/4 cup kangkong + 50g pork - recipe here) and I had a full dinner (1/2 cup rice + 70g fish sinigang + 1/2 cupcake), so I think all is good. Tomorrow morning I will walk to Colinas Verdes even if it's closed until 8am... I just want to walk until I reach the place then walk back home immediately. I attempted to walk around the plaza today, and making 5 rounds made me bored.


  1. Glad your cat is back to feeling 100%. Cats can be kinda mysterious with their illnesses...


  2. Your cat looks lovely - I am so glad he's feeling all better too. It's never nice when they're poorly is it?

    Thanks so much for linking up :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity


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