Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish | Mojito

Click here to view swatches for Margarita
Click here to view swatches for Mint Daquiri

Bobbie Nail Polish | Mojito
Bobbie Nail Polish | Mojito

Third of the seven to swatch from the Bobbie Holoprism Collection is Mojito. I truly don't know why this dark purplish shade is called such for I know Mojito (the cocktail) is more of clear drink with mint leaves and limes, but I don't have much problems about the names of the bottles for I am more after the effect it will give on my nails.

Compared to Margarita and Mint Daquiri (swatches of the these two shades can be seen by clicking the links above), this had a better pigmentation, though like the problems I always encounter whenever I am using dark purple nail polish, application was a little difficult because the brush drags the polish resulting to uneven shades on my nails. I don't know if I got a bad bottle of this one as most nail bloggers states no problems applying this, but going for thin coats didn't do it for me... very thick coats did.

Two coats may be enough achieve bottle-like opacity, but to even out the color distribution, I went for three coats - again, waiting for one coat to fully dry before going for another pass. In the shade, the holographic effect can already be seen (something Margarita and Mint Daquiri didn't deliver much)...

Bobbie Nail Polish | Mojito Bobbie Nail Polish | Mojito

... but of course I loved it more under the sunlight as it gives different colors as I moved my hand. For this swatch (and for Mint Daquiri, too), I mainly used my right hand, because if you notice, my left hand looks awful as of the moment. I had another left hand accident - this time the steam from the kettle burned my left fingers and now that it starts to peel, it just doesn't look good.

Bobbie Nail Polish | Mojito
Bobbie Nail Polish | Mojito

Using the camera flash and artificial light, it also gives the holographic effect, making this a stand out in the collection (so far). I just can't understand - it looks very purple on my nails, but some pictures on different blogs show burgundy / red violet / light maroon shade. I sure want to see the reddish side of this lacquer, I guess I will just have to swatch it next time.

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