Friday, March 15, 2013

Reception at Luyong Restaurant

We haven't updated this blog for this week... sorry, my shift this week is quite awkward (4pm-1am), and my sister Jenny's quite busy with some stuff (she told me she started exercising again), so I decided to share this today.

Last Wednesday, I attended Alessandra's Baptism. Her mom, Claudette, is one of my good friends in college, and I really am thankful we maintained our friendship even if we are busy living our own lives after college. I am one of Alessandra's godparents, and because I wasn't able to take pictures of the ceremony, I will wait for official pictures from the event to be shared before I can put it here. For now, let me share the food from the reception, which took place at Luyong Restaurant in Marikina City.


Soup - typical egg drop soup, but it had tofu cubes and quail eggs... which I love! The egg, that is.


Veggies - I don't know what's the name of the dish, it is certainly not Chopseuy; I am quite picky with vegetables, so I didn't eat a lot of this.


Pansit - Saucy... meaty... and with quail eggs. I am in heaven! :)


Pata Tim - Sinfully delicious, and yes, I didn't eat the veggies. :)

I know, I am not made to be a food critic, but I did enjoy the event, especially because I am with good friends - catching up with life and sharing stories.

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