Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eating My Breakfast Today

I wasn't able to eat breakfast yesterday, so I made sure I eat one today. Obvious choice of breakfast is the Nestle Fitnesse cereal, which I paired with a non-fat milk as well as some papaya slices. Happy to say that the papaya was something I harvested from our own garden, and although the afternoon heat sort of burns the tree and makes the fruit yellow up while it is still quite small, the fruit was actually sweet and pleasant to eat.

Before, I use the Milk Magic low fat milk. It was okay, especially because it has the lowest amount of calories among the milk in the market (of its kind), but after knowing it is reconstituted filled milk, I decided not to go for it anymore. Well, I don't see anything bad in it as it is still milk, but then, personal preferences want to go for 100% cow's milk instead of milk solids mixed with water.

I wasn't able to go out and do my morning walk because there were just so many stray dogs in our street. I have a serious problem with this situation... while I understand that pet owners don't like cleaning up after their pets, I don't agree that they leave these dogs out unsupervised. Some of the dogs in the neighborhood are actually nice, but some dogs aren't used to going out that when they do, they run around like crazies! Worse, they chase after the people walking, and because I have a strong fear of being bitten by a dog (anti-rabies shots can be expensive), I just can't risk walking and be chased by unfamiliar dogs. What's annoying, too, was that the owners would say to the passers by, "Oh don't worry they don't bite," even if the dog is actually growling and barking at the person passing by! They'd stay in their gate, and won't do anything to prevent their dog to attack someone. I hate it when they're like that. I don't have against people owning dogs (as I do hope to own one, too), but I just hope they'd be considerate and do their responsibility to watch after their dog and make sure they won't chase the people walking by.

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K and I might have to let go of our plans of side tripping to Tibiao (Antique) before traveling to Boracay from Iloilo. Old blog posts mention that a hut cost about 500 pesos - something very cheap, but when we started inquiring, we found out a three-day stay now costs 6000+ pesos per person with additional VAT! That's still 2000+ pesos per person per day... very far from the old posts online (which aren't so old because those were posted last year). We are now thinking of staying longer in Boracay, or maybe crossover to Carabao Island in Romblon. Still a lot of days to plan, so no worries for us just yet.

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