Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Strong Finish for the Month

Day 122
31 January 2012

Red and Green

Last day of the month. With the thoughts of weigh in on my mind, I got up to walk even if I only had 4 hours of sleep. Happy that my sister went with me - but I did want to finish strong, so I told her we'd walk way past the Clubhouse. She was game for it.

Fire on the Mountain

Colinas Verdes is on fire today - thanks to the pretty Fire Trees! At first I thought they were leaves turning red, but when I found a slightly closer tree, I zoomed in on the branches and realized...


... that those weren't leaves, but flowers! Trees with nothing but flowers - how cool can that be?


Anyway, my sister wasn't able to keep up with me. The time we reached the Clubhouse, she just took a seat. I thought she just wanted to have a little rest (we've been walking for an hour non-stop), but I didn't want to take a rest, so when I asked her for us to walk more, she told me she will just wait for me there. I still have the drive... so I walked more and met her 20 minutes after.

Butterfly in Watercolor Effect

Walking back to the gate, I spotted some butterflies - but most were too small to take pictures of. I was lucky with this one, but this wasn't a macro shot; I zoomed in on this critter to magnify it, then applied the VanGogh(LIC) action on GIMP.

We walked for 2 hours today. My legs were tired (because I still was a bit tired from my workout last night), but I was satisfied with what I did today.
  • 9:58 am - Hip Hop Abs (Cardio)
  • 1:15 pm - 8 Minute Legs
  • 3:48 pm - Hip Hop Abs (Hips, Buns, and Thighs)
  • 5:04 pm - Walk to the market and back home (30 minutes)
I wasn't able to take pictures of any of the food I ate today, but I had -
  • 8:49 am - 1/2 cup rice; canned sardines in tomato sauce (I ate two of the four fish cuts inside the can)
  • 11:52 am - 1/2 cup rice; leftover Beef with Cauliflower; 1 slice ripe Papaya
  • 7:09 pm - 1/2 cup rice; Fish Sinigang (80g Talakitok, cooked in sour broth with Sweet Potato Tops); 1 slice ripe Papaya
January was bad yet good. I just hope the next weigh in will be favorable.

and then, she {snapped} NapTime MomTog

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