Monday, February 27, 2012

Halo Halo Cravings - Satisfied!

I was craving for Halo Halo and told mom about it the time I got home from work Saturday night. In my mind, I was seeing a cup of Halo Halo from Chowking, but come Sunday morning (yesterday), mom said we'd go to Razon's of Guagua because she prefers their Halo Halo more. Since they offer rice meals, it was there we (mom, sis, and I) ate lunch as well.

Sister took pictures of the food we ate, and because I didn't want to use all her images for this blog as she will use it for her own blog, too, I will just share what I had for lunch that day.


Sizzling Sisig Meal

The metal plate was hot, but not hot enough to sizzle the food. It was a very simple kind of sisig, and while it was somewhat tasty (because it had a lot of meat and less of extenders), I found it a little bland.


Halo Halo

It is still the ice that makes this very unique. My sister is not so fond of their Halo Halo because she grew up eating Sandosenang Halo, but I have to agree with her - it was so creamy! Though it had the right amount of milk, I still wanted more. I asked the wait staff if I could have more milk in my glass, but they told us there will be an additional charge for it. It made me decide to stick with what I have - though I am sort of wondering if this was the same restaurant where one could ask for extra ice, milk, and / or sugar without additional charge.

My Halo Halo cravings was satisfied. Now I am craving for something else.
Hopefully the family will help me satisfy my always hungry tummy again. :)


  1. Wohhh - your Halo Halo sounds like something I'd really love
    I'm not familiar with this, and now I have a craving for it :)

  2. My halo-halo cravings were answered when we visited a filipino cafe last month. Sarap! With ube and leche flan :-)

  3. based on pictures, it looks yummy naman but sad it doesn't satisfy you....magaling lang siguro si sis kumuha ng food photo! :) anyway, leche flan on topped, ang sarap, ka-miss tuloy! visiting from WE, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)

  4. hi jenny and jessie! sobrang pinatakam nyo ako ng halo halo! :D

    thanks for dropping by my porkies and leaving me a comment there :)

  5. I love the halo-halo in Razons! simple! :D


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