Sunday, February 5, 2012

05 - 11 February Goals and Challenges

Before I share my goals and challenges this week, here's a look back on my goals last week:
  1. Pass the "No Sweets Challenge" posted at Belle Today with flying colors. Not only was I able to resist the temptations of eating sweets / sweetened food, I also was able to go the full week without drinking coffee.
  2. Morning walks for more than 1-2 hours. Taking aside that day when it rained, I still wasn't able to complete the full week because yesterday (Saturday) I was so tired from too much walking last Friday that I couldn't get myself out of bed to walk.
  3. Complete the exercises set for this week. Friday I went out with family, Saturday was such a lazy day, add to that my afternoon bonding moment with sister.
  4. Eat at least 2 kinds of vegetables every day. Friday, I wasn't able to eat veggies - except for the itty bitty kutchay (chives) in the dumplings I had for dinner that night.
  5. No fried food of any kind. - Hep hep, hooray!
  6. No processed meat (including dried fish) and canned food, but canned fish is allowed. - Was able to resist not eating the hotdogs on my spaghetti last Monday!
  7. Buy myself a pair of 3lb. dumbbells. Well, I didn't buy the 3lb dumbbells, I bought the 4lb ones.
  8. Get a haircut. Will share the picture maybe tonight or tomorrow.
Five out of eight... not bad; but because of that, the three goals I didn't meet will be part of this week's goals (to help discipline myself). With that, here are my goals this coming week (05-11 February 2012):
  1. Finish the 7x7 Challenge on Belle Today (details below).
  2. Complete the new set of exercises - no exception (except getting sick).
  3. Eat at least 2 kinds of vegetables per day.
  4. 12 cups of water or 3 liters of water everyday.
  5. Cook at least 2 recipes from the Jan/Feb issue of Yummy Magazine.
  6. Eat Fitnesse cereals for breakfast (Monday - Friday only; milk might upset my tummy).
  7. No junk food of any kind - including street foods.

The "No Sweets Challenge" just ended, so yes, I am now allowing myself to eat sweetened foods... but portions will be watched, of course. I am just happy because this week (won't say when), I will be attending a sweet event at Max's Restaurant... and my GC for their Max's Corner Bakery will expire this week, too, so I am definitely going to eat something sweet. I love being invited to Max's Restaurant events, thankful that the "No Sweets Challenge" came last week. Hahaha.

Talking about the newest challenge at Belle Today - the 7x7 Challenge... it's simply doing at least 7000 steps everyday for 7 days. For this, it would be really helpful to have a pedometer as it would be crazy if one would count the steps manually, which was why I felt sad at first because my pedometer died a few years ago... and the one Doc sent to me last year arrived here broken. I really wanted to join the challenge, but counting the steps would be the biggest challenge. Last Friday, was able to see two pedometers at the Sports Shop, but the cheaper one was 700 pesos, the expensive one was 2000 pesos. Way too pricey for a pedometer, so yesterday, I felt like throwing in the towel (partially).

This morning, I remembered the Nike Sports Kit I have in my closet. It came with the iPod Nano I won from Coke Zero Resolutions Contest (2010), but I still haven't really used it yet. A gleam of light came in, but when I checked the manual, it wouldn't count the steps, but the distance made. Still, I might use this tomorrow to measure the distance from our house to Colinas Verdes. :)

This morning, I busied myself finding a pedometer. Since I am at home, I just checked online shops, but the one at Groupon is not available, the ones at Multiply were quite expensive, and the one I saw at TipidPC will require bank deposit. Since the 7x7 Challenge will officially start tomorrow, I needed the pedometer as soon as possible.

I checked CD-R King's website and hallelujah, they have pedometers! They have two kinds - two models at just 50 pesos each, and one model at 120 pesos. I tried calling the SM Fairview branch, but they weren't answering, and since my sister is currently in Makati City at this moment, I called the branch nearest to where she is at and told me they only have this model:

Well, it was a bit pricey, considering the other two models were only at 50 pesos, but this I think I will like - as it uses AAA Battery and it has an FM Radio (with earphones included). This would be a good walking companion - I can listen to Chico and Delamar's "Morning Rush" while walking. Tee hee! I am expecting my pedometer tonight when sister gets home... I told her I'd pay her 150 if she comes home with a pedometer tonight (talk about being persistent).

Last week, I mentioned about having a new video workout schedule this week. I still don't want to give up Hip Hop Abs (I just sooo love it), so here's my new schedule, which I will follow 'til I reach 170lbs.
  • Mondays and Thursdays - Hip Hop Abs (Cardio), Hip Hop Abs (Ab Sculpt), 8 Minute Arms
  • Tuesdays and Fridays - Hip Hop Abs (Cardio), Hip Hop Abs (Hips, Buns, Thighs), 8 Minute Legs
  • Wednesdays and Saturdays - 30 Day Shred, 8 Minute Buns, 8 Minute Abs
  • Sundays - Les Mills House, Les Mills Latin

30 Day Shred didn't have that much partners... basically because when I read forums about it, many people complained of body aches and feeling sore after doing it. I still don't know how will I do this, but for the sake of not burning myself, I will just do two sets of the 8 Minute workouts before doing 30 Day Shred in the afternoon.

This week will be a test of endurance. But.. like what I shared the other day, I must suffer the pains of discipline than suffer the pain of regret. I actually need to do good this month because I might be traveling last weekend of the month and will be away for two weeks max... so I need to bank on fitness now, just in case I can't workout while I am away.

Good luck to me. :)

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