Monday, February 6, 2012

An Update and Some Realizations

I was supposed to make an update yesterday, but my sister borrowed my camera, so I wasn't able to get images from my camera's memory card. Lemme now recap my Saturday and Sunday.

Day 126
04 February 2012


Friday made my legs very, very tired, so I decided to stay in bed longer. Mr. Pipoy understood my reasons, and I was really thankful.

After eating lunch, sister and I went to the salon for the much needed haircut. My hair is very limp and so thin, so having it so long made it look thinner. I am actually having hair fall problems - it was okay then, but lately hair falling seemed to increase in number. I am getting alarmed, so I decided to have a haircut so it would be easier to comb.

I liked the outcome of the haircut... the hairdresser used the hair iron instead of hair blower and I liked how straight my hair was; sister was suggesting I should buy a hair iron, but I didn't want to as it might damage my hair more.


We went to a nearby boutique to check clothes and I was able to buy a pair of cargo pants and a blouse (it was on a sale, that's why I bought the items). After that, we went to Tri-Mo Shawarma Co to have some snacks, which became my early dinner. I wasn't able to jot down the other food I ate today... my bad.

Day 127
05 February 2012


I went to walk and jog this morning, but because I was wearing my leggings, I decided to just take my water bottle and leave my camera and/or cell phone at home. When I got home after a good two hours walk and jog, I had my breakfast and walked back to the market, because mom needed to prepare something for their prayer meeting. It was a good 45 minutes walk (I still went to this "special" bake shop that sells yummy pan de sal), half of the way I was carrying about 4 kilos of goods. Good thing I brought my eco bag with me!

I helped mom cook and I just stayed in her room while they were having the prayer meeting. I wasn't able to do my video workout, but I guess it was just fine - it's Sunday anyway.

Coffee Salmon Sinigang Pansit Bihon

My food for today -
  • 8:30 am - 1 cup Nescafe Brown and Creamy 3-in-1 coffee; 1 piece sliced White bread + thin spread of Chiz Whiz
  • 12:11 pm - 1/2 cup rice; Salmon Head Sinigang (60g salmon head meat cooked in Sour broth with yard long beans and sweet potato tops)
  • 6:40 pm- 1 cup Pansit Bihon (cornstarch noodle sticks with chicken, cabbages, carrots, green beans, seasoned with soy sauce, salt and pepper)
Total Cups of Water: 14
First time to drink coffee after a week... my tummy surely had a difficult time adjusting to it. I told Mr. Pipoy this might be a good avenue to lessen coffee intake...maybe I might just have 3 cups this week.

- * - * - * -

When I started my journey, I just wanted to lose weight and hope to wear a two-piece swimsuit in public. It might be a shallow reason, but it was reason enough for me to strive and lose weight. When I am finally seeing the scales going down, I sort of hoped people will notice it-of course, losing weight is an achievement and part of me wanted to really shout it out to the world.

29lbs gone... and people have started noticing the weight loss.

Last Friday, while walking back home, one neighbor (who I am not so close with - I just know she lives near our house) saw me and made a comment that there sure are improvements. She asked if I am taking diet pills / supplements to boost the weight loss, and I told her I wasn't... I lost the weight by exercising and diet.
Saturday after lunch, my friend and neighbor Charmy went to our house to use our phone and after her call, she went to interview me. The very first attempt for me to lose weight, she was the very first person I consulted about... and she was just happy that after all the years, I am finally shedding the excess weight. We went to talk about concerns and fears and future plans...

...and I realized there is more to weight loss than losing the weight. It comes with a big responsibility - that more than ever... I should strive harder to lose more weight and / or maintain my weight. Now that most of my family members and friends - and possibly the part of the blogosphere know about my journey and its results, it is my responsibility to become a role model - that a big girl can definitely lose weight just by lessening the food intake and exercising.

I still have 47lbs to lose... thanks to this responsibility, I am definitely going to work hard to reach my goals as fast as I can -by doing it right.


  1. nice haircut! good luck with the weight loss, you can do it! over from magical mondays!

  2. Jenn ~ Thanks for linking up with Magical Monday Blog Meme ~ Your photos are excellent especially the one the flower ~ awesome ~ Living in New England it is winter so wonderful to see a pretty flower ~ You take good care of you ~ you are magical! ~ namaste, cArol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Wow! Jenn ~ didn't realize you were losing weight~Bravo! ~ Wow! You look wonderful ~ You are beautiful within and without and when we begin to love our self ~ then we stop hiding behind the weight ~ and loose ~ I commend you ~ it is not easy ~ You are doing so well ~

  4. Great haircut! Cute cute!

    XO. Britt


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