Sunday, February 19, 2012

Short Recap and My Goals for the Next Half of February

Days 138 - 141
16 - 19 February 2012

Mommies and Kitties

Moe and Kitty Liit Kitty Moe Moe Oreo and Moe Moe

Last week was a bit of a drag... I was a little under the weather; I was both dizzy and sleepy all the time, and the rainy weather didn't help a bit to motivate me. If there was something that made me happy (aside from everyday talks with my super duper awesome boyfriend Mr. Pipoy), it would be my cats. Well, if you remember, Mommy Teddy - the cat with three colors - gave birth to one cute white / orange cat Mr. Pipoy named Cream-O (or Moe Moe for short). The kitten is now one hyper kitty, who would often chase us and play with us. A few weeks after Moe Moe was born, Mommy Ponks (short for Ponkan) gave birth to a kitty (still has no name), and even if the kitten still doesn't have teeth, his eyes are now open and is sometimes wandering around the house.

One time, Mommy Teddy was incognito. Moe Moe hasn't had his milk for nearly 24 hours, so the only way I thought was to let him suck milk from Mommy Ponks. The other mother cat didn't mind it; she actually treated Moe Moe as his own. Just a few days ago, Mommy Ponks already let her own kitty out, and there would times that Mommy Teddy would feed both kittens, and there would be times that the kitties would suck milk from Mommy Ponks. Well of course, the kittens know their own mothers, so most times they would just go to their own mommies. I just find it so cute to see them like that, but because Moe Moe is bigger and is already eating solid food, there were moments he would bully the little one. Moe Moe's one hyper kitty (the other one's too quiet), I just hope he'd mellow a bit when he grows a little older.

Best Food Forward

Yesterday, Brother and I went to Makati City for an exclusive food tasting event by Nuffnang Philippines. It's for the "Best Food Forward" event happening next month at the NBC Tent, and us selected Nuffies were treated to taste food offered by 10 concessionaires. This was my "Round 1" food (I didn't eat the Crunchy Belly, though, I just photographed it and gave it to my brother)... My "Round 2" food consisted of desserts: a little cup of ice cream, a shot glass of butter beer, half a slice of chocolate mousse cake, a pinch of chocolate cupcake, and three bite size crackers with fruit jams. All the food I tasted were oh-so-good... but my favorites would be the spinach quiche and the full moon pizza (it was vegetarian-friendly by the way).

- * - * - * -

Obviously, most (if not all) my goals weren't met, and my weight hasn't changed since I last weighed. That was a bit bittersweet because I did give some efforts to walk and exercise, but I guess too much pastries and events to attend contributed to the no change of weight. I don't blame the events I attended and the gifts I received; I blame myself for allowing me to eat a little bit too much of my allowed quantity to eat. I am actually thankful that me weight is still the same - meaning, I still have the entire 11 days left to push myself to lose even just 1 or 2lbs by the first day of March.

With that... my goals:

  • Strictly follow the exercise schedule.
  • Walk everyday to 1 - 2 hours. >>> If it's raining, use the Elliptical Machine for 30 minutes (accumulated throughout the day, 5 minutes nonstop at a time) + 1000 jumps on the jump rope (accumulated throughout the day; 100 each set) + Walk to the market every afternoon - regardless if it's raining or not.
  • Check out nearby gyms and get their terms, so I can make a decision by the end of the month and start going to the gym by March if ever.
  • Eat at least 2 kinds of vegetables everyday.
  • 12 cups of water everyday.
  • Finish the Belle Today Challenge this week: No junk food of any kind, including candies and chocolates.
  • Take necessary supplements - Caltrate, Grape Seed Oil (just use the 30 softgels given to me), Yakult and 2 slices of Papaya everyday.
  • Lights off at 10:30pm; lights on at 5:30am.
  • Do laundry, clean the house and room, defrost refrigerator.
  • Choose the events to attend to, and don't sacrifice the workout schedule on event days (meaning, if I needed to attend an event tonight, will try to do all the scheduled workouts before leaving the house).
  • Mani - Pedi.
  • Make a lightbox (Help me, Mr. Pipoy!)
  • Buy my Hanson concert ticket.
A lot of things to do... but with the right focus, I can do all of these!

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  1. aww, what adorable kitties!

    that food looks very delicious!

  2. Hi Jenn, i am not very particularly interested on those feeds, ooops, food but i love the cats. They are looking just like ours!


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