Monday, February 27, 2012

Under a Dark Cloud

Never let one dark cloud of worry cover your entire sky.
Remember, the sun is always shining on some part of your life.

Days 142 - 148
20 - 26 February 2012
* picture and text heavy post*

I haven't blogged here for almost a week. Even with the goals I set for myself to do, I admit I haven't followed it really. Maybe I am losing enthusiasm, maybe I am losing the spark, maybe I am feeling uncertain, and maybe I am losing inspiration. I may be under a dark cloud...but one thing's for sure:

I still haven't given up!

I am still walking this road to weight loss and wellness... I just really need to find that right mindset and focus.

A recap of how my week went...

Moe Sleeping

Day 142. My day was just like this kitty.

Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror

Day 143. I am feeling pretty today! I saw a this Mary Kay lip gloss in my sister's vanity kit and tried it on... then decided to take pictures as well!


Day 144. Quite a fulfilling day for me... I walked close to two hours around Colinas Verdes, then after getting home, I fixed myself to go to SM North EDSA to attend an event. It was so fortunate that friend Ria (the one in stripes) also had an appointment at the same mall, so we were able to travel there together. After lunch, she sent a text message if I was still at a mall so we can travel back home together, and since my cousin Marge (the one in black) and I were at The White Hat redeeming my vouchers for their newest drinks, I just asked her to meet us and taste the drinks with us as well.

Marge had to meet her boyfriend, so before going home, Ria and I roamed around the mall for a while then while traveling back home, we decided to pass by a gym to inquire (story about that tomorrow), then we went to SM Fairview to buy stuff at the Hypermarket.

Too much walking today for me, but despite the blisters on my feet (I wore jelly shoes), I felt happy and fulfilled.
Moe Sleeping Moe Sleeping

Day 146. I tried online shopping today and this was my first time in a very, very long time to pay through the bank. I encountered some boo-boos... but good thing the friendly bank teller help me correct the mistakes I had on the deposit slip.



Day 147. The day before, brother told me he'd go out in the morning and walk sister out of the subdivision. I asked him if he would like to walk to Colinas Verdes, and he said he didn't want to. Opening Day 147, I wasn't in the mood to go out and walk... but when my phone rang around 6am, brother told me he was at Colinas Verdes and he was asking me to wake up and walk with him. It pissed me off a bit because yesterday he said he didn't want to go there.

He didn't stop ringing my phone and sending me text messages, and cutting the story short, I got up, fix myself and went to Colinas Verdes to meet up with him. He was already waiting for me at the Clubhouse, so I had to walk real fast because he kept on asking where was I. Well, I may be pissed, but I am also thankful that he was persistent.

Trying On a Dress

Day 148. Us girls went to the mall to eat lunch. Mom had to go home right after because they will be having a prayer meeting, so sister and I stayed at the mall to roam around and do some window shopping - try on shoes, check items on display, test some cosmetics on different Korean cosmetics shops, and try on clothes.

I loved the Korean cosmetics shops! I tested this lotion and it had a very mild scent that lingered... it wasn't sticky, and it made my skin really soft. Sister and I walked home from the market, and even if it was a hot afternoon and I sweated a bit, my skin was still soft and I still could feel the lotion - the scent stayed, too! It was a bit pricey at p500, but am thinking of saving up for it. I also tested this orange cheek blusher and light brown lipstick. :)

At the clothing section, I saw two dresses at XL that looked big. When I lined up for the fitting room, one saleslady looked sharply at me (possibly because I am big and that I wanted to fit some dresses). The fitting room didn't have a mirror - one must go out to check themselves in the mirror - and a few minutes after I entered, the sales lady asked if the dress was okay because it was already the biggest they have. I was pretty emotional already (I am currently going through some rough times), so when the dress fitted good, I went out and told the saleslady that it fitted just perfectly. I know despite losing weight, people would still judge me harshly because I still am big.

I guess that was a motivation I needed, but contemplating on how much I ate this month and how little I exercised, I doubt if I lost weight this month... but it wouldn't matter anymore. Everyone of us go through a dark phase, it's just a matter of picking myself up and carry on with life along with the lessons learned.

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