Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brazilian Madness Sale at Glorietta

Yesterday (13 February), sister and I went to Makati City to pick something up at Bizu Patisserie. To maximize the time, we also went to SM Makati to buy myself a new pair of running shoes, because Fila has an ongoing sale and because it will end by 14 February and I didn't want to miss it (50% off is still 50%), might as well do it today.

Brazilian Madness Sale

There are four malls in Makati City connected to each other: SM Makati, Glorietta, Landmark, and Greenbelt. We were actually on our way to Greenbelt to pass by Bizu Patisserie when this banner caught our attention. Sister and I loves footwear, so for the fun of it, we checked it out.

Brazilian Madness Sale

It was a chaotic sale! Well, the Brazilian footwear brands Ipanema and Grendha are two of the famous brands right now, and quite frankly, those were the two brands I want to own, but can not, because of its price. I am a very thrifty person, and any footwear (except running / rubber shoes) costing p1000 (approx. 24usd) is already way too expensive for me, so since this sale boasts of 60% off on most footwear, there must be something worthy to buy there.

Brazilian Madness Sale

As chaotic as the sale might be, I was happy that they segregated the pairs of footwear by gender and by sizes. It made shopping a little easy, especially for me, who's a size 9. There weren't much people on the Size 9 aisle, while my sister had to really work her way through the Size 8 aisle.

Average prices for the footwear were p400 and p500. The most expensive pair I saw was p800, the cheapest was at p250. Still, for footwear priced normally at p1500+, it sure was a good sale.

We didn't have much money that day, but we were able to buy some pairs:

Sister's Grendha #1

Grendha White Elevated Flip Flops (p400). Sister's only choice... well, she couldn't shop much because she didn't bring that much today, so between her two choices, she went for this.

Our Ipanema

Ipanema Yellow Slip Ons (p600 - buy one, take one). I wanted to wear a yellow pair of footwear, so when I saw this tagged at p600, I was contemplating of buying it. Good thing I saw the corner rack with "Buy 1 Take 1 of the same style" mark, so I asked sis if she wanted to buy the pair so we can pay p300 for the footwear. For this style, there were different colors to choose from - Black, Black & White, Brown, and Red & White - but we still went for the Yellow, so we have a twin pair.

My Ipanema #1

Ipanema Pink Elevated Slip Ons (p300). This was the very first pair that caught my interest, and for it to be just p300, I quickly grabbed it and never let it go.

My Grendha #1

Sandy Pink Jelly Shoes (p250). I love jelly shoes! At first, I was thinking of getting a pair of silver Grendha peep toe jelly shoes, but the Size 9 was a little too big for me, so I checked the Size 8 aisle. They didn't have the peep toe jelly shoes, but I saw this style, so I went for it. It was such a comfortable pair to wear!

The sale runs until 16 February 2012. If you want to buy pairs of shoes at 60% off, head on to the Glorietta activity center. They have pairs from sizes 5 - 10, and they have styles of men, ladies, and kids. If my sister will go to Makati City (which is three hours away from where we live) tomorrow or on the 16th, I'd ask her to buy me the jelly shoes in blue. :) It's just p250 anyway!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I really like those elevated flip flops...very nice.


  2. Hey Jen,

    next time, hope I'll see you wear those Flip flops ha. :) Nice buy!


  3. It feels good to shop with your sister. I also like to shop for big discounts. Jelly shoes are relaxing to wear and easy to clean.

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  4. those footwear's looks amazing in a cheap price!!! way to go dear!! xx

  5. Oh wow, I want I want but the sale is only till tom.? sayang! :(

  6. I like how these sandals look so comfy to wear. Too bad I have allergic reactions to plastic materials.. :(

  7. Sobrang bagsak presyo..love it! :) Nice choice huh!

  8. Love your choices. Such a bargain. Too bad we didn't catch the sale. My bf and I use rider outdoor slippers so comfty!

  9. I love your jelly shoes. Ang ganda pa ng kulay perfect!

  10. Those yellow shoes are so cheerful.


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