Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Rose and Lotsa Pastries

Days 136 - 137
14 - 15 February 2012

Romance Cake by Bizu Patisserie Max's Troubador Cake

This year for Valentine's Day, I didn't go out on a date with Mr. Pipoy because of his work schedule. I didn't mind it at all - he and I share the love everyday anyway... so everyday is Valentine's Day for us.

I started the day photographing the cakes given by Bizu Patisserie. I wasn't able to do it last night because it took sister and I more than two hours to travel from the patisserie to our house, so both cakes were a little soft when we got home.

In the afternoon, I went to the nearest mall to pick up the my cake of choice at the Max's Restaurant. About a week ago, sister and I attended an event for Max's Corner Bakery, and we were given a GC each for a cake of our choice. This was the last day of redeeming the cake, so I made sure I drop by today. We've had way too much chocolate cakes and pastries at home, so I decided to go for the cake that's not chocolate. Sister was pleased.

Pastry Party

After dinner, neighbor and friend Ria ring us and asked if it's already time for the pastry party. She knew about the cakes we have here, and since she loves desserts and pastries, she really wanted to take pictures of the food spread and taste it as well.

That night we had four different cakes, two types of brownies, and some French macarons. Ria shared the Goldilock's chocolate cake she received from her students, and not included in the picture were: Black Forest Cake, Assorted pastries and breads from Max's Corner Bakery. It was a fun, fun pastry party - something we had here at home for the first time.

We didn't buy any of the pastries here (including the ones not part of the party table). Believe it or not... all of these were given for free. I am a very blessed food blogger, and because these were given to me, I also shared it to some people - I cut a slice each from the cakes and gave it to our next door neighbor and I packed another pastry sampler for my mom to take at work so she could share it to her colleagues. As much as I loved receiving the gifts, it was rewarding to share it to other people, too.

Rose from Brother Rose from Brother Rose from Brother

I was 28 when I first received flowers. Three years after, I received another flower - this time from my brother. Whoa! That is something very surprising because brother wasn't the mushy type of a guy. When he got home after a bank errand, he gave sister and I a rose each... and gave mom a rose, too, when she got home. Thanks, brother! I'd save a petal from the rose you gave me.

- * - * - * -

One thing I am most thankful for this day (15 February 2012). I was in the shower when my I heard my sister's phone rang, and after a few minutes I heard some voices talking - mom and sister's. It gave me a not-so-good feeling... like something major just happened, so when I stepped out of the shower, I found out what the commotion was about.

The passenger jeepney mom was on had a minor accident. As shared by mom, the jeepney's brake wasn't working, so people inside the jeep went frantic and panicky. The jeepney continued traveling, and the driver decided to hit the tail of a bus, just so the jeepney would stop. It was quite a horrifying story, but I for one was so thankful that the accident didn't cause major damages. It was a blessing that traffic was light so the driver had the ample time to think what to do. Not only that, none of the passengers suffered big injuries - though mom's forehead bumped the hand rail. We asked her if she was okay and she said she was just fine, though her forehead's aching a bit. She told us she never felt afraid about the situation, but when the jeepney hit the bus, all she could do was to say her gratitude that everything turned okay - no dislocated body parts, no scratches, no blood... just a bump on the forehead. We put some ice on it, and whenever mom's hurt or sick, she would act like a baby... but since she was so chatty and hyper, we knew she's indeed just fine.

For everything, I thank the Lord and give praises for the blessings showered on us.


  1. Thanks for sharing your sweet blessings.

  2. Praise the Lord everyone was ok :)

  3. We didn't go out for valentines either, in fact we had church small group instead. But it is our anniversary this weekend, so I never mind too much if we don't do something on valentine's day.

  4. Oh my, what wonderful pastries! So happy she was OK... Roses are always precious, no matter who sends them. Have a fabulous day :)

  5. I am glad that your mom was okay after the accident. What a beautiful rose you received from your brother. Looks like you had fun at your pastry party :)

    Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.


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