Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Days 132 to 134

I haven't updated this blog for five days due to many reasons. I haven't exercised much during those days, including today 15 February - because I am currently under the weather, but because I have so much assignments to do, I have to be up and finish as much as I could. I am home anyway, so if ever I feel bad or something, I can simply stop whatever it is I am doing and take the much needed rest.

I didn't want to put up a very long update, so here's a three day recap. :)

Day 132
10 February 2012

feb 10 - Moe and Teddy

I wasn't able to go out and walk this morning because it rained. The chilly weather plus light colds made me lazy the entire day, and because my brother used the DVD Player and watched some movies inside his room, I wasn't able to do any of my video workouts, too. :(

I pretty much look like my kitties - bummed all day. Hahahaha.

feb 10 - Salmon

I didn't have that much appetite, but for lunch I cooked Salmon Paksiw. It was so delicious... and the addition of dried oregano made it more delish!

Day 133
11 February 2012

feb 11 - Pyromusical

Another rainy morning... but I made up for it by walking around SM Mall of Asia with friend Ria before meeting up with fellow bloggers for the Week 1 of the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition between South Korea and Malta. I studied Broadcast Communication, worked at a TV Network before, and attended several press conferences as part of my blogging life, but this was the very first time I received a "Media" pass and was treated with so much dignity! It was a special day so I really kept my pass and might use it as a scrapbook layout ephemera in the future.

Three sets of pyromusical presentations - two of which lasted 20 minutes each (the other one's intermission), and it allowed me to learn a lot when it comes to taking pictures of fireworks. I sure had a difficult time setting my camera, but I was able to capture at least 6 images worthy of posting, so I was a happy shutterbug. The festival will run for six Saturdays, and I sure hope to receive another invitation to cover the festivity so I can learn more about photographing fireworks.

I was at the media section for the event, while my friend Ria was at the Silver section. We just met after the event, so we can travel back home together.

feb 11 - Dinner

Part of being invited to the event was the buffet dinner for the members of the media. I forgot to take a picture of each of the dishes, but here's my plate of food. I ate all of these except for the soup (I only had two slurps) and Iced Tea, which I didn't sip at all.

Day 134
12 February 2012

feb 12 - Sister feb 12 - Black Forest Cake

Ria and I got home 11:30pm the night before; I still finished some tasks, so it was already near 9am when I woke up today. Mom wanted the family to go out and enjoy a family pre-Valentine's Day date, but Ria was here that morning, so I just asked them to go ahead and leave me at home.

They got home around 3pm, and sister took home a Black Forest Cake from Max's Restaurant. Both of us had a GC for one heart shaped cake of our choice, so in order not to drown ourselves with lots of cakes to eat, we decided she'd claim her cake first, then I'd claim my cake on Valentine's Day - the last day of redeeming the cakes.

- * - * - * -

Needless to say, I wasn't able to do my goals for the week, and I failed the 7x7 Challenge at Belle Today. I will go back on track tomorrow and just start again with the challenges and goals.

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