Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Weigh-In

December 2010

Early December 2010, I was able to see a stall at Sidcor Weekend Market selling dresses at low prices. The store owner told me they sew the dresses themselves, but each dresses only come with two sizes - the smaller and the bigger one. My first visit, I bought one for my sister, and the next visit to the market, I went with my mom and bought a dress for herself at the same store. The dresses they wore on Christmas Day that year (picture above), while I have to buy a different dress at a different store, because I surely couldn't fit into the same looking dresses as my favorite girls wore.

Fast forward to February 2012.

February Selfie

The same dress my mom wore for Christmas 2010 - the I one I couldn't fit into - is something I can most certainly wear now. This wasn't my plan of outfit to wear for this month's selfie shoot, but while checking mom and sister's closet for an outfit I could borrow, I saw mom's dress and just tried it on. I wasn't able to see my sister's dress, but when I see it, I'd try it on and share to you the image. :)

From last month's weight of 202lbs., my new weight is now:

Weigh In - Feb 2012

It's quite difficult to use this kind of weighing scale because one can't read the result accurately, but if you look closely, there's this tiny black part on the right side of the red marker (198 mark). I asked Mr. Pipoy how to read this and he just told me to read it as 197 lbs. Reading the KG mark, it reads 89.5 kg, and converting it to lbs the result will be 197.31lbs. Rounding it off, I guess it will be fair to read it as 197lbs.

A loss of 5lbs. this month. Holy gracious, that is amazing!

I was lazy this month, but I think I never really neglected my responsibilities. I wasn't able to follow all my fitness schedules, but I still moved around. While on a trip to Pangasinan, I tried to walk around, climb islands... and on most days, I walked 30 minutes at least going to the market and back home. If I am at the mall, not only did I walk back and forth, I also didn't let the escalator carry me - I'd still climb the escalator up and down, just so I could move.

Diet had a little gray sky when I faced a problem with purging after eating dinner three days during the first week of the month, but I was quickly able to cure and recover from it. I sure went to a lot of food trips this month, but I tried my best to eat as little as I could. Still no softdrinks for me - but I had a few glasses of juice within the month (possibly 3 or 4 glasses).

Overall, things were rocky, but somehow I still managed to recover from my mistakes. The last week of January was a strong week, and I am most happy to still be walking this road.

Feb 2012

Another selfie picture for this month's weigh in - I don't look good, but I am proud of the clothes I was wearing - the pair of shorts were my mom's, the top is my sister's. The denim shorts were size 14... mom gave it to me last weekend thinking I could fit in it. It fits just perfectly - it wasn't loose, but not tight either, though because my tummy is big, closing the button would push my tummy area. The top is size large. Like the shorts, it wasn't too loose and not tight, but because this is one of my sister's new tops, I still can't really borrow it (actually, she still hasn't worn this). Hehehe.

In the four months of my journey I have lost 29lbs. It was amazing to lose such amount of weight just being at home, but I surely need to address something - loose skin. My arms, tummy, and legs just look quite awful now, and I think I need to check a gym for machines I can use to address this issue. Other goals I have this month:
  • Find a gym. I don't care anymore if the one closest to our place is attended by mostly men... if their fee fits my budget, I'd enroll myself and will just ask them when the gym is usually empty, so I won't have to deal with too much testosterone in the gym. Also, if I find a lady gym member, I might just be buddies with her so we can do the workouts together.
  • Modify the schedule. I will start doing the Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred" workout this month - not everyday, though, as I still want to continue with Hip Hop Abs. Will just modify the workout schedule to fit both of these workouts.
  • Go for 3lbs. Dumbbells, that is. I think I now need to put aside my 2lb dumbbells and go for something heavier.
  • Aim for 5lbs. Any weight loss for the month is something I will accept whole heartedly, but I sure hope I lose another 5lbs or hopefully bigger by the start of March.
  • Give myself a big weekly challenge. This week it's "No Sweets" week... next week I might give myself an exercise challenge. If you have a challenge in mind, please don't hesitate to tell me.

I am so ready to welcome the new month! Bring on the challenges... I will do my very best to overcome all.

I just said goodbye to 200 zone. I got a new address...

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  1. you look fantastic!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Woo Hoo, great job. You look awesome.

  3. You look amazing! You should be so proud!

  4. That is awesome Jenn...your doing great!

    Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

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