Friday, February 10, 2012

Missed Opportunities?

"How others see you is not important;
How you see yourself means everything."

Day 131
09 February 2012

Tree Bug

I was a bit late this morning, but I still went out to walk. Today, I took my camera, and was happy to see great images to take pictures of. I was listening to RX93.1 first part of my walk, but they weren't really talking much, so I switched stations. Listening to Magic89.9, the DJ posed a question for listeners to answer, "What was your missed opportunity?" The opportunity he was talking about was something like - you are a good guitarist and you were asked to play for a band, but you felt the band will not make it big, so you declined it and went on to work for a company as a clerk... and the next thing you know the band you declined became a big-shot rock group.

Listeners phoned in their answers... and right at that moment, I realized I just had my own missed opportunity, but it wasn't because of my bad choice, it all came by chance. You see, yesterday morning, my cousin Marjorie sent me a text message asking if I could fill her slot for a food tasting event because she and her boyfriend will travel to Clark, Pampanga for the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival. I took her slot, and a few hours after, bloggy friend Azrael was asking people who would like to take his wife's slot for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Many bloggers / photographers responded to it, but for the sake of fun, I answered with, "Me, me, me!" Next thing I know, Azrael had a personal message for me asking if I could come so that we could stalk Marjorie and Jonel. The Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of the Philippine festivals I always wanted to take part of... had I known I had the opportunity to realize that dream this year, I would have declined the food tasting event. Oh well, maybe next year.


Because I had my camera today, I walked much, much longer (in terms of time), because I stopped every now and then to take pictures. Near the end of my route, I saw this bird and was pleased to take this shot. Overall, the pictures I took today were all amazing (at least to me). I wasn't taking pictures of hot air balloons, but God still rewarded me with subjects to satisfy the shutter-happy me.

Before I went home, Mr. Pipoy called. He told me a not-so-good news, but even so, he still asked me about the Hanson concert happening next month. He told me even then that he will buy me my ticket, but because of the not-so-good news, I felt a little shy to let him buy me the ticket. The ticket he planned to buy me wasn't the most expensive ticket, but still, it was expensive. He worked hard for it. I knew there are so many things where he can use the money, but still he insisted on it because he gave his word and he will honor that.

For a while I contemplated about it. When he gave me the final question, "Do you want it or not?" I was reminded of the "Missed Opportunity" topic on the radio talk show, and Hanson's concert was an opportunity I don't want to miss. I have been a big fan of them since 1997, and sure, I have watched their concert here in the Philippines last 2004, but I never had a picture from that concert because cell phone cameras and digital cameras were still alien to me. It took them 7 years to do another concert here... I truly don't want to miss it!

Today, I saw the video that reminded me of the many reasons why I am a Hanson fan. Seeing the video clips - especially that part where they were talking on the phone (it was taken during their dark moment - when the label seemed to reject every song they wrote) and the transition of them becoming "independent" just because they want to play music even if there will be no big label backing them up were reasons enough for me to answer Mr. Pipoy's question.

"Do you want it or not?"
YES, I want it!

See you in March, Hanson!
Thanks so much, my love... for this wonderful gift.

Updating the 7x7 Challenge: today I recorded 12760 steps on my pedometer, not counting the steps I made around the house. I was able to do my Hip Hop Abs (Cardio), but the rest of my scheduled workouts I wasn't able to do because I had to beat a deadline before sister and I left in the afternoon.

at Figaro Tomas Morato

At the start of this post, I mentioned about taking cousin Marjorie's slot at the food tasting event. It took place at Figaro (Tomas Morato), and I was so thankful they allowed me to tag my sister along - provided she have to blog about it, using brother's blog. I saw familiar faces at the event, and meeting the PR Manager of Figaro, I became thankful this opportunity came to me. The Hot Air Balloon Festival will happen every year - meaning I will always have the chance to take part in it, but the future opportunities because of this food tasting event will not happen everyday.

Figaro Tomas Morato

At the event, we were served:
  1. Margherita Pizza - It was a personal sized pizza cut into 8, I ate two slices.
  2. Chicken Rice Bake - Ate half of what's on the plate.
  3. Lemonade - Regular sized glass, drank all of it. I love lemonade!
  4. Tofu Steak Rice - Ate two cubes of tofu... no rice, as I was eating my Chicken Rice, too!
  5. Aglio Olio Pasta - Swirled my fork three times, ate what was on my fork.
  6. Spagnolo Pizza - Ate one slice
  7. Cioccolato Morsi - Didn't eat this, I took home my share. *winks*
Not all the bloggers at the event were friends of mine, but we all got to share lots of stories, it was already near 10pm when we called it a night. I was happy that my sister was with me - I am truly like "Dora the Explorer," I love to roam around and travel... but I admit I will be lost if I don't have my map with me. She helped me locate Figaro's branch. Big thanks, sis!

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  1. Love your story -- and how you interwove the radio question with life and how you sought the good in it all. Beautiful. That food? It does look amazing.

    And your pictures. The first one, with the butterfly on the right, is incredible.

    Blessings to you. Thanks for linking.


  2. Hmmm... bop! As they say, opportunity knocks only once. You were lucky that Mr. Pipoy asked you one final time ;) Enjoy your Hanson concert!

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  6. That's a really great post, and very thoughtful. It puts things into perspective about taking advantage of opportunities, but also reminds us that there are positive things in the everyday. I really enjoyed it :)
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