Friday, February 1, 2013

February 2013 Weigh-In

I seriously don't know if my body opposes the idea of getting back into shape, because this morning, I woke up with a headache. This headache actually ate most my day, to the point that I took a nap late in the afternoon because I felt I will pass up anytime. Mornings are cold, yet noon time was way too hot and sunny. I am not sure if I will be having a flu anytime soon (I hope not), because aside from the headache, I started feeling my mouth warm up and that the foods I ate were quite bitter.

February 2013 Weigh-In

First day of the month...time to weigh in. Scale said 214lbs, which meant I gained weight again from the last time I shared my weight, but I am actually happy about that; I mean, just a few days ago I told that my weight shot up to 218 and that prior to this post I shared that my weight is between 215 and 216. I guess the fish and vegetable diet and lessening the intake of rice helped, all I gotta do is help my body adjust.


I wasn't able to go to Colinas Verdes today and I couldn't find my Hip Hop Abs DVD (arrrgh, I need to buy a new one). I was able to do the other legs exercises, and I was happy to find this on YouTube:

It's approximately 10 minutes long, and I love it! Well, that tip toe thing made my legs jiggle (it was a bit of a torture, haha) and that I am not as flexible as Cassey, but I loved the poses she shared. Right now, there's a tension on my upper legs which makes sitting down a little difficult, but like I said, I loved it. Her blog, Blogilates is so awesome, too, and just now I received the February Calendar on my inbox, but I think I will do this next month, I will go stick with my own program for this month and switch it up next month to shake things up a bit.

As for my food intake, I had a full breakfast - 1/2 cup of fried rice with Fish Sarciado, for lunch I had grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of milk tea, and for dinner I had rice, fried fish and two tablespoons of chicken flakes adobo. I allowed myself to eat chicken now, but just a little... I didn't want to trouble the tummy again. I wasn't able to tally the water intake, but aside from water and the milk tea, I also had a cup of coffee.

Tomorrow's Saturday... my sister and I plan to go to Divisoria and other shopping places to look for rattan utensils holder as well as shop for red lacy curtains for Valentine's Day. It will be an all day thing, so I am not sure if I can exercise, but I guess I have to wake up early to make some time for it - will do the Les Mills DVD (the free ones from Fitnesse cereals) before we leave. Sister's shift at work ends at 11pm this week and it's already 1am when she gets home, so for sure she will get up late tomorrow morning, allowing me to exercise a bit. Well, all the plans of shopping will make me walk and walk, so I guess the day will not be wasted at all.


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