Saturday, February 23, 2013

Caronia Nail Polish | Gold Rush

This post I was supposed to share last week, but like I said, I finally was able to complete the Caronia "Bright Nights" Collection, so I can now share the four awesome shades to this collection one by one.

Caronia Nail Polish | Gold Rush

Gold Rush was the first one I bought from the collection, which I got to buy last December. I was frequenting the nearby small grocery store just outside our neighborhood and when I saw that the store was selling Caronia nail polishes (8ml) for only 27.75 and 29.75 pesos per bottle depending on the kind, I started buying one after another, because I know the mall sells this for more than 30 pesos.

It was a few weeks since I last saw the OPI Skyfall Collection featuring a gold nail polish. When I saw it, I told myself I'd find myself a gold nail polish, too, and seeing this at the grocery store made me really happy. It wasn't the typical yellow gold, and I think this kind of gold (brownish) goes well with my skin's complexion.

Caronia Nail Polish | Gold Rush
Caronia Nail Polish | Gold Rush

Typical to the Caronia nail polishes I own, this one has a thin brush that doesn't spread that much, but applying this nail polish was easy-breezy because it has a good formula. Opacity was okay, too, and for my nails, I used two medium coats (no top coat).

The richness of the color depends on the silvery speckles, so I used the help of our desk lamp as I did my manicure to ensure even coverage. This dries fast, but because of the silver particles, clean up wasn't that easy (but wasn't that difficult, either).

Normally, I'd complain about Caronia nail polishes thickening a month after I start using the product, but I was pleased that even if I already used up half of the bottle prior to this manicure (I used this for several nail art attempts, including water marbling), it still has an awesome formula.

As is, it looks great, and it looks even better with a glossy top coat. The day after I had this manicure, I topped it with a Matte Top Coat and I am pleased to say it looked good, too.

Tomorrow, I will share to you swatches of "Lounge."

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