Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shopping at Sidcor Weekend Market

Making a very quick post to share this:

The Healthy Way to Shop :)

This morning, the whole family went to Sidcor Weekend Market (Centris, Quezon City). We don't have any particular reason why... we just thought about it and went there.

Mom bought most of the veggies, because she packs lunch at work. Brother bought the lettuce and the salad dressing, while I bought the watermelon, green beans, cucumber and the foccacia bread. The bread I bought because I set myself to do at least one recipe per week and unfortunately it's been a while since I last tested a recipe. The green beans were thinner than the usual green beans we have here, and I bought these because I want to just steam them and maybe add some garlic sauce to go with it.

I wasn't able to go to the gym today to inquire about my membership, but I am happy to say that my brother is now going to accompany me. Gym is a big transition for me and I feel such a baby to ask him to be with me, but then, I just wanted to get myself familiarized with the gym stuff with someone rather than be totally alone.

K is going to be here in a few months... I need to get myself ready.

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