Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baguio City Trip, Day 2

I was ready to sleep by 11:30pm, but my phone rang. It was my dear friend DeeJay who shared stories about the Fun Run activities he has done. He told me he's joining a Fun Run this March and would like me to join, too. He's aiming for 21K (as he successfully finished 10K on his last run), but he said he would be happy if I could join even if I'd run the 5K. That means I have to start training.

30000th Tree

I called it a night at 1am, and because I was lacking sleep the last few days, I only turned off the alarm at 6am and went back to bed. I regret not taking a peek out of my window - I missed a great sunrise view, which Iris and Jen managed to capture.

Anyway, our day started at 8:30am when we had breakfast at the hotel. by 9:30am, we were already at SM City Baguio for the Ceremonial Tree Planting. SM City Baguio through SM Cares is currently doing the "Green Road to 50,000 Trees" and marked the planting of 30,000th tree a milestone in their three year period project. This was the main purpose of us traveling to Baguio City, and I was very blessed to be asked to attend this. I wasn't actually the one invited...but the the one who got invited couldn't attend and planned to pass this to my cousin Marge, who passed it to me.

with the Gosiengfiao Sisters

Celebrities present at the event were Cosplay Sisters - Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao, Ms. Earth (Air) Stefany Stefanowitz, and Sam Concepcion. After the tree planting, there were a few minutes break and seeing my chance, I asked the Gosiengfiao sisters for a photo-op.

Pretty Ladies!

One funny, but nice blessing came after...I admit my camera's shutter is proving to be difficult to use. Iris was asking us to hold for more pictures, when Ms. Earth (Air) came to us, asking Iris for one more picture because she wanted to join in. Somehow in that particular instance, I felt I was a celebrity. Hahahaha.

Tai-yaki? Hahaha

The program was short, but fun filled. Right after, we all went to Good Shepherd Convent to buy pasalubong, and while waiting for our companions, Iris, Jen, and I went back to Session Road to find this particular signage. Jen spotted this the night before and we found "Taiyaki" funny. We wanted to buy some, but there were a lot of orders and we were rushing, so we could only imagine how it taste like.

It was 9pm when I finally reached home. It was indeed a very short trip, but very memorable. It was a pleasure spending time with Iris and Jen... and even if I used up all my 1000 pesos pocket money for this trip (I bought quite a lot of goodies to take home), I am considering this one of the most memorable trips I've had.

- * - * - * -

Going back to DeeJay's invitation to do the Fun Run...

I am now set to prepare for it, and will go to the gym tomorrow to learn the basics of using the treadmill. Of course, I'd still do the things I have to do for Monday (using the dumbbells). Wish me luck!

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