Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The First Day of 2013

Our neighbors aren't just friends, they're also part of our "extended family." Every New Year's Day, us close neighbors gather here in our house (after the fireworks and merry making outside) for some drinks and snacks - probably the only time during the year when parents and their already-adult-kids drink together. Of course, it was also a time to share stories, and when one neighbor shared that their family will meet in the morning at Quezon Memorial Circle, my sister Jenny immediately expressed that she wanted to come as well. Mom initially planned for us to stay at home so we won't spend any money (there's this belief that if you spend money on the first day of the year, it means you will spend money the entire year), but when another neighbor wanted to join, mom gave in. At 2am of January 1, 2013... we wrapped up the drinking session so we would be ready by 6am.

Quezon Memorial Circle

For the first time, Quezon Memorial Circle hosted a New Year's Day countdown - complete with fireworks and concert. When we got there early in the morning, we were surprised at how much people were already there, but we found out that most of the groups (families and friends) were already there since the day before, watching the NY countdown and just camped there. It was quite difficult to roam around and take pictures, but spending the day with these much people proved how Filipinos love being with their families.

with Mom and Neighbors Puto Bumbong

We brought our own food, which consist mostly of leftover food from last night's Media Noche (New Year's Day Midnight Feast). However, neighbor Ria, sister Jenny, and I still took the time to roam around the park and do a little food trip. :)

Sis at the Fish Spa Fish Spa with Ria
Fish Spa

The park now has a lot of amenities people can enjoy. There's the children's playground, the theme park (which we didn't check out), the shops, and the water area. Here, people may rent a boat for 15 minutes (different kinds of boats to suit the number of people in a group), or they may check out the Fish Spa. Mom and Ria's mom tried the Fish Spa before us and found it such a fun experience, so they encouraged us to try it, too. Well, I have already tried the Fish Spa before (at the Manila Ocean Park), but I was so surprised to see fishes this big! The first few bites were quite painful and ticklish, but it became fun as the minutes passed.

Mom (zipline)

One thing mom wanted to try was the Zipline. I find it so amazing that mom isn't afraid of heights and that for a 63 year old woman, she still has the zest for adventure. She wanted us three to try the zipline, but my sister didn't want to try it because she is hoping that her first zipline experience will be out of town. Well, I couldn't let mom try it alone, so I went with her.

Sis and Mom (zipline)

See what I meant when I said my mom isn't afraid of heights? She was all smiles and I was like, "I don't want to fall!" Hahaha.

Sis and Mom (zipline)

It was amazing! Very scary.. but seeing the view from above was beyond words!

Sis and Mom (zipline)

We took the two-way ticket, so going back, we requested for a different mode of ziplining, just so we could experience both. Mom and I loved the first one as it made us feel like superheroes, though.

Spending the first day of the year at the park may cost us money, but the time spent with family and neighbors was truly priceless.

Big thanks to my sister Jenny for taking the pictures.

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  1. Delightful and fun photos ~ Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger ^_^

  2. 63 year old mom ziplining? You're a lucky daughter! So great that she is still inspiring her girls to try new things.


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