Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week One - Goals, Challenges, Plans

Yesterday (Saturday, 2 Feb), I went to Dapitan Arcade and Divisoria with mom and sister. Sister was asked to find a little utensils tray for the restaurant where she's working at, and seeing it was a good reason for me to walk around, I invited myself to join her. At first mom didn't want to come with us, but she wanted us to check out some red curtains (for VDay) and thinking we might buy something that wouldn't pass her standards, she decided to come with us.

The leg exercises I did last Friday had an impact on my legs, which made walking difficult, but of course I embraced it. Walking non-stop allowed me to move and move, and it did help, too, that we chose to sit at the second floor area of Jollibee when we ate lunch and dinner, which made me take the stairs for added pressure.

Food wasn't good, but it was my choice. For lunch, I chose to eat spaghetti, chickenjoy and a serving of rice with big cup of Coke because I didn't enough for breakfast and I felt so famished after roaming around Dapitan Arcade. For dinner, I had palabok and chickenjoy and coffee float, but after eating early dinner before leaving Divisoria, I didn't eat anymore. I might have eaten a lot, but I considered it as my last binge. :)

Biggest challenge for me this week is to take on the habit to eat fruits. Eating veggies isn't a problem for me (except if it's okra), but eating fruits wasn't something I always do. Well, papaya is a staple for me, but the other types of fruits, I just let them rot in the fruit basket. This week, I plan to eat Fitnesse Cereal (30g + 125ml milk) and fruits for breakfast. No coffee and softdrinks this week... my main drink is going to be water with lemon slices. I will try to drink 15 cups per day, but 12 cups will be okay.

There are no lined up events for me this week other than my cousin Marge's wedding this weekend, so no fast food and eating out for me. I am not sure what will be served on the wedding reception, but I will allow myself to drink juice and / or softdrinks, as well as eat cake, as long as it's in moderation. If I do receive an invitation for an event, I will attend and eat the food served, but I will watch the portion and will concentrate on eating the healthy food. I will also make sure I eat vegetables everyday, and go back to the old eating scheme - 1/2 cup of rice / 70g max on meat / 100g fish and seafood per meal. I will also strictly log every food I eat and the time I ate them.

Fitness, I will walk and jog in the morning, do Hip Hop Abs Cardio and AbSculpt, and because it's going to be a Monday, it's going to be arms and shoulders day, and I will do 8 minute arms and the arm workouts on the book I purchased. I will be using the pair of 2lb dumbbells this month.

I will weigh myself on Sunday, and I am aiming to lose 2lbs. Crossing fingers.

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