Saturday, February 2, 2013

24K Nail Polish | Black Pearl

Yey, it's Saturday again... time to share nail polish stories! Today I will share about one of the oldest nail polish in my stash - 24K nail polish in "Black Pearl."

24K Nail Polish | Black Pearl
in the shade

It was December 2010... I bought a purple dress for Christmas, and being such a monochromatic person, I wanted to buy purple accessories, but I couldn't buy one without painting my nails first so that I would know if the nail polish and the accessories would look good together. At the mall, I went to buy this bottle because it looked purple (something that would go well with my purple dress) and it was the cheapest among the choices (Caronia was 34 pesos, Bobbie was 36, this was 27). When I first used it, I wasn't so impressed because it wasn't as purple as I thought and hoped it would be, and just last year (when I started blogging about my nail polishes), I found it that this type of nail polish is called Duochrome - because it changes color depending on the light.

24K Nail Polish | Black Pearl
in sunlight

I personally love it under direct sunlight because the colors change when I move my hand - sometimes it's deep purple, at times it's deep blue, and there are instances that it's green.

24K Nail Polish | Black Pearl 24K Nail Polish | Black Pearl
in artificial light | with flash

I am thankful that I didn't throw the bottle away, because really (when I used it in 2010 and I didn't find it so impressive), now that I learn many things about nail polishes, I have learned to really appreciate this shade. Two years have passed and the formula was still good, I never really had big problems with application, although of course it is now a little thicker than it used to be. I still have half a bottle left, so I will just buy a bottle of solvent or nail polish thinner so it will still look new.

Red / Pink Nails
On my fingers are 2 thick coats of Black Pearl with a topcoat. I think 24K nail polishes carry more duochrome shades, I'd go see and buy if there are any... but nowadays the brand doesn't sport this type of bottle - they now use the slightly smaller one and the logo has changed as well. I forgot if the price is still the same... just shared this picture (on the left) from 2011 because I already gave the bottle of red nail polish to my cousin when I went to La Union last November.

Generally, I like this brand. The two nail polishes I bought were great and very easy to use. I still don't allow myself to buy any nail polishes because I do have a lot on my stash that I have yet to use, but as soon as I give myself the go signal, I will go ahead and buy more 24K nail polishes.

24K is manufactured by Unistar Manufacturing Company, which also manufactures La Belle, My Posh and Sassy Colors nail polishes.

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