Friday, February 22, 2013

18 to 21 February 2013

I still haven't finished sharing the Baguio City trip, but I will go ahead and post this one, because I have already told myself Fridays will be a day to recap the week that just passed.

18-21 Feb 2013

The happie bits:

♥ Attending two events in one day. Lunch time, I was at the Bonifacio Global City (Taguig) to attend the opening of Figaro Fort Pointe... then dinnertime I was at Greenbelt 3 for the movie screening of "A Moment in Time," sponsored by Max's Restaurant. Both events I was with my brother.
♥ The whole family spending the whole morning at Sidcor Weekend Market. We go to that market every now and then, but it was the first time that the whole family went there. At times it's just sister and I, sometimes I'd be with mom and sis.
♥ Travel to Baguio City. About a few years ago, I would go to Baguio City (alone at times) to watch the Grand Street Parade of the Panagbenga Festival, happening every last weekend of February. Last year, I wasn't able to travel there, and this year, I didn't make any plans as I would be traveling to La Union early March. Imagine my surprise when I was asked for an overnight trip to the City of Pines to attend an event! Well, I wasn't the first choice... I was there to represent someone, but still... traveling out of town just to attend an event? Of course, that also meant bonding with blogger pals, eat out, and enjoy the sceneries! (A more detailed list of the things I loved about this particular trip will be shared tomorrow)
♥ Photo Ops with beautiful ladies. For the event I attended at SM City Baguio, celebrity guests included Ms. Earth (Air) Stefany Stefanowitz as well as Cosplay sisters Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao. I am not really the type of a person who poses for pictures with celebrities, but I just couldn't resist not asking them for a picture.
♥ Missing my cat. I was away for basically two days, and when I got home my cat immediately ran to me and started playing with me. Quite a very naughty cat for he would chase me and bite me on my legs and arms... and my brother told me he probably missed me because it would meow loud while I was away and suddenly became quiet when I got home. Awwww....
♥ Sweetness overload! Aside from the cakes I ate at Figaro, brother and I also took home sweet treats from Max's Corner Bakery. In Baguio, I bought 2 kinds of jams (ube and orange) and 2 kinds of pastries (alfajor and snowballs); and part of my goodie bag for covering the event included a box of Lindt chocolates and a tin of Danish butter cookies. Oh em gee!
♥ An unexpected $20 on my account. Well, when I started blogging, I got to learn about this website that caters to blog advertising of sorts. In 2009, I decided not to check the site anymore for tasks (I stopped bidding, too), so I was truly surprised to receive an offer. The assignment was $40, but the website takes half of it, so I only got $20. Still... it's money, and I already sent it to K so he could purchase me some W7 nail polishes, which cost so cheapy at 1.99£ each.
♥ Holiday with K taking more shape. Most things are still undecided... but it's very certain that we will be traveling to Iloilo, Guimaras, and Corregidor. Surprisingly, he expressed his willingness to travel to Boracay as well as travel back to Puerto Galera. I told him I am willing to let go of Puerto Galera as we traveled there in 2010 and would take Boracay instead, but he told me, "We have time for both." I will be checking some swimsuits next week!
♥ A very long phone call with DeeJay. He surprised me by telling he's going to run 21K at the next fun run he will attend and would like me to join him...even if I would just run 5K. Hmmm... let's see. :)
♥ More event invitations! Tomorrow I will be attending a culinary class, and this week I received two more invitations - one for a food tasting event, the other - a launch of a smartphone. Excited much!

The crappie bits:
♥ I ate too much this week.
♥ I just hated Globe's service! For the Baguio trip, I was asked to get a Globe sim card so I can communicate with the person who invited me. I loaded it with 30 pesos...used 25 pesos to unlimited on texts, but I was surprised that even with the confirmation message stating I am enrolled at the unlitxt service, it still ate up my remaining 5 pesos. I was left with no choice but to load it with 30 pesos again. All throughout the day,  I was able to text leaving the 30 pesos untouched...but didn't use it come night time as I was already talking to DeeJay. The next morning, I received a message saying my unlitxt just expired, but when I tried to enrolled for another day of unlitxt, I received a message saying I don't have enough load. Inquiring about it, I found out I only have 15 pesos load left. How the fark did that happen when I didn't use it to text or call anybody the night before the service expired?!? Sheesh!
♥ Not taking enough pictures. I don't know why...I truly felt I took way too much images, and when I got home I realized I didn't have that much images to choose from. Sigh.

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