Sunday, February 17, 2013

Caress Nail Polish | Sparkle Pink

Happy Sunday!

I am supposed to share to you Caronia Nail Polish in "Gold Rush," but yesterday, I was able to buy "Trance" and "Stellar," completing the Caronia Bright Nights collection in my stash... so I will just have to put the "Gold Rush" on hold and will just share the entire Bright Nights Collection in the future (just so I can make a series of posts for that collection.

For today, let me share this:


Caress Nail Polish in Sparkle Pink.

I bought this particular nail polish because my cousin Theresa's color motif for her wedding was tomato red with tiffany blue. At first, I planned to use the Careline Nail Polish "Fantasy Red," but the bottle only has about 4 or 5ml., and I didn't want to use it in one pass. :) Well, seeing this at Landmark Makati was a great blessing - it was really close to tomato red color and it was soooo pretty!

IMG_7324 IMG_7325

It has a jelly-like consistency and it was super easy to use! The formula and opacity was spot on, and it dries fast, too. On my nails are two medium coats without a top coat, because I planned to layer this with blue for the wedding.

The name of this nail polish is Sparkle Pink... and yes, it does have sparkles. Such a shame my camera can't pink up the very, very, subtle sparkles to it that can only be seen when looking at the nails real close.

I love, love, love this nail polish, and I think I am now starting to like Caress Nail Polish in general.

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