Friday, February 15, 2013

This Week...

I will start this post with a crappie for I don't want to end this with a downer. Biggest crappie for this week has got to be neglecting my fitness routines, maybe because of the weather. I always feel tired and sleepy even if I wasn't doing that much. Running around the living room being chased by my cat Moe-Moe Furballs became my exercise for the week, which was good because he runs so fast that I have to keep up... but I bang my head on the wall for totally letting myself get defeated by the heat and body aches.

08 - 14 February 2013

Overall, the week was great. This afternoon, I was able to make half a page of the typical Project Life page, a first time for me to do such. I have been dreaming of owning a Project Life album since two years ago, but it was just too expensive and is not available here in the Philippines, that's why I could only drool over seeing wonderful pages created by scrapbookers around the blogosphere. Last December, I thought of going digital with this project, but I wasn't able to fully do that because downloading the elements (there are a lot of awesome scrapbookers creating digital PL elements) take up such a big space on my small hard disk and that I admit I am not gifted with creative hands as far as digital scrapbooking is concerned. I do have paper scrapbooks, which was easier to do. Browsing over an old copy of Creating Keepsakes (a scrapbooking magazine) and reading Ali Edwards' article allowed me to try it again, and even if it's not that awesome, I was happy to try it out. Maybe next year, I can finally start documenting my year, Project Life style.

About the pictures...
  • I was on my way to meet my sister, and was surprised to see a one-peso coin right where I was standing. It may just be one peso...but what are the chances that you get to see money just stepping out of the house?
  • Our second degree cousin Marjorie married Jonel, who is also a blogger pal of ours. The whole story about the celebration can be read on my previous post.
  • I celebrated Valentine's Day at the Rockwell Tent with my sister via "The Sweetest Thing (A Valentine's Day Picnic Dinner)". Who says single ladies can't celebrate the Love Day?
  • Painted my nails twice today...and I shaped my nails oval in time for Valentine's Day. I still love the square shaped nails, but will go oval for the mean time.
  • My weight has hindered me to wear high shoes and I have been wearing flats most of the time. When I posted a picture of my sister wearing high wedge shoes, a Flickr friend/fan suggested I wear the kind of footwear as well. A recent visit to the Payless Shoe Source allowed me to try out two pairs of wedge shoes and I was glad to see it looks great on me (the brown pair looks much better on me, though).

This week's happies:
  1. Discovering "Fun." I got to watch this year's Grammy Awards and got to see Fun. perform. I already heard their song "We Are Young" on Glee, but seeing them perform made me an instant fan. Now, I have been listening to their album everyday, thanks to this YouTube "video."
  2. More invitations. I am now looking forward to attending - a culinary class and a movie screening. I was invited to a coffee shop opening this Monday, but I still haven't received the formal invite (I was invited personally while attending Marjorie's wedding), so I don't know if I am still invited. The invitation for the presscon of a tourism event I don't know if I will attend, so I still haven't responded. In line with this, I am also thankful for receiving an e-mail from a nail polish company. That is something that I never thought of, and is such a sweet surprise.
  3. My cat's wound is now fully healed.
  4. Travel plans taking shape. K and I scratched the plans of going to Palawan (Puerto Princesa), replacing it with an overnight tour in Corregidor.
  5. Doing the laundry. I am always lazy doing this, so finally doing it is a highlight of my week.
This weekend, I plan to go vegetable and fruit well as check the nearby gym for re-updating my membership. Now that walking and jogging around Colinas Verdes is not possible anymore, I guess it's finally time to give gym time a chance.

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