Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caronia Nail Polish | Lounge

As promised... here's the second part of the 4-part series on Caronia Bright Nights Collection:

Caronia Nail Polish | Lounge Caronia Nail Polish | Lounge

I bought this a few days after I bought Gold Rush, because I instantly loved Gold Rush and thought this would look as equally good. I loved the foil look of this nail polish, but the shade doesn't seem to love my skin tone as it made my skin appear darker.

Formula-wise, this was a little liquidy, but two medium coats were already enough. Echoing what I shared about Gold Rush... I bought this last December and used it once, but after nearly two months of not using it, it still has the same formula like the time I bought it. What I loved the most about this nail polish was its durability. I initially applied 2 coats of Lounge (without top coat) in the morning and went ahead to do house chores come lunch time onwards and two days after it still looked great (no kidding)!

Caronia Nail Polish | Lounge

For these pictures, I applied another coat of Lounge plus top coat because it's already the third day and there were signs of wear (not really chipping) on the tips of my nails.

As of this writing, I am still wearing this nail polish. I will take it out tomorrow and will apply Trance, which I will share next Saturday.

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