Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sassy Colors Nail Polish | Garnet

It's a slow and relaxing Sunday for me - after all of the walking I did yesterday (was in Dapitan Arcade and Divisoria with mom and Jessie), I consider this a day to rest as my legs and arms are still aching (I started exercising again). I do have an hour online before I go out and enjoy an afternoon walk, so might as well blog about this.

Sassy Colors Nail Polish | Garnet

Another one of the old nail polish bottle in my stash is this Sassy Colors nail polish in Garnet. I personally love the color pink, which was why I chose to purchase this, but it was also the price and quality that made me go for it. This wasn't my first Sassy Colors purchase, and the brand satisfied me, so it wasn't a difficult decision for me to get this.

It is somewhat pearly in consistency - kinda like platinum colored nail polish with a touch of pink. Like the other Sassy Colors nail polish I have tried, this is somewhat runny and sheer, so the first coat wasn't at all pleasant. The good thing was, as I put on the second coat, it started to take shape and the third coat already allowed me to achieve the color on the bottle.

Sassy Colors Nail Polish | Garnet Sassy Colors Nail Polish | Garnet

On my nails are three coats, just like what I said - one thin coat plus two medium to slightly thick coats, but I allowed the second coat to completely dry before I applied the third coat. Go easy on the application and don't make it too thick because it does have a tendency to bubble... and wait 'til it's completely dry before you apply a top coat so it won't bubble as well.

Despite the three coats of nail polish, I am glad this dried really flat and not too thick. The color does make my skin tone a little darker, but I like that this isn't much of an eye / attention catcher.

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