Friday, December 23, 2011

Time to Wake Up

I'm yours indefinitely...
- Marit Larsen, "What If"

Day 83
22 December 2011

I told myself I'd walk today, but I wasn't able to, because my blisters were still watery. I also wasn't able to do any of my video workouts because of my period, but the universe was conspiring to help me, that while flipping the pages of Yummy Magazine (to look for healthy, pork-less recipes), I saw this page:

My Word for Today

I really, really need to go out and do my morning walk! Sure, I walk to the market and buy ingredients for dinner, but I really miss walking to and around Colinas Verdes! Since I can't do any video workout for now, I felt not being able to walk makes me think about food most of the times. Exercise has truly became a part of my life that in the few days that I am not doing anything, my body is already longing for it.

When Mr. Pipoy called me tonight, I told him my situation and asked him a favor: to get angry at me tomorrow if I didn't go out and walk. He agreed that I really should walk again and not only did he promise to do my favor, he also told me a very powerful motivation. It was a kind of motivation that really woke me up. Thanks, Mr.Pipoy!

Well, my day wasn't really wasted - aside from the late afternoon walk to the market, I also cleaned my room and did the laundry. :)

Fish Sarciado Pasta

My food for today -
  • 8:02am - 2 squares Biko
  • 11:07am - 1 cup Fish Sarciado Pasta (spaghetti, Dalagang Bukid fillets seasoned with salt and pepper fried in Lite Margarine and Olive Oil, spaghetti sauce, dried basil leaves, chopped fresh tomatoes, bell pepper, onions and garlic)
  • 6:46pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1/3 cup Ginisang Kangkong, 60g Fried Fresh Dilis (dusted with cornstarch, flour, salt and pepper), 1 slice ripe Papaya
  • 8:20pm - 1 Yakult
Total Cups of Water: 14

Sometime in 2008, I attended a scrapbooking charity event and we were served Red Snapper in Marinara Sauce Pasta. It tasted so good that it was the only seafood pasta (aside from tuna) that I wanted to eat. I wanted to re-create that pasta this year and serve it for Noche Buena, but I might have to think of another dish because even if I liked my version, none of my siblings really dared to taste it.

Green eggs and ham?

Anyway, I think I will just cook two pasta dishes for Noche Buena then, or maybe I will just ask mom to cook Pancit Bihon - using chicken and shrimps. Our family don't really serve much during Noche Buena, but since it's the day we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, I just want to have something special on our table. What will you serve for Noche Buena?

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