Friday, December 2, 2011

A Day Without That Much Veggies

You say, we must move forward;
and I say, let's not go back...
- Marit Larsen, "Don't Save Me"

Day 62


First day of December. Normally, I'd be giddy about it and plan the Christmas Day lunch menu, but now, my mind is still blank - maybe because my mind is set to lose 8lbs this month. I know, I shouldn't over think about it, that I should just do what I am supposed to do and be thankful for whatever result it brings, but... I also know that we create our future based on what we do today, and because I want my future to be merry and bright, I really have to strive harder - without going overboard, of course.

Today, I decided to incorporate jogging into my morning routine. The place was kinda deserted; not much people walking and jogging, so today I didn't walk / jog 'til I reach the Clubhouse, I just jogged uphill 'til I reach the model houses, then make a U-Turn and walk downhill and jog up again. I did three sets today and I sweat out a lot!

Still no major changes with the workouts - still doing the Hip Hop Abs; today I did the Cardio and the Hips, Buns & Thighs workouts.

Chicken Adobo

I had a very different food intake today:
  • 8:39am - 1/2 cup leftover Pancit Canton (minus the cold cuts - orlian & squid balls), 1 cup SanMig Coffee 3-in-1 Strong (sugar free)
  • 12:33pm - 1/2 cup rice, Chicken Adobo (110g chicken drumstick - weighed with bones cooked in soy sauce, vinegar and spices), 1 slice ripe papaya
  • 6:13pm - 1/2 cup garlic rice, Squid Adobo (50g squid cooked in soy sauce, vinegar and spices), 1 steamed crab claw, 1 slice ripe papaya
Total Cups of Water: 17

Oooh... no oatmeal and less veggies today! Well, I still am a little concerned about that fiber thingy (high-fiber diet sure doesn't work for me), but I didn't forget my fiber today - thanks to the little amount of veggies on my noodles and papaya. Of course, this day is just an experiment, will go back to eating my veggies tomorrow, but I will try not eat a lot of veggies for lunch and dinner, I guess one meal with veggies would be okay. I miss eating leafy vegetables, though. I will eat some tomorrow.

I weighed myself today and wore clothes that used to be something small for me (check the previous post for the full story about that). That sure made my day and made me feel great.

PhotoStory Friday

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