Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life is Like a Wheel...

I take this relationship seriously.
- My Fitness Buddy

Day 75
14 December 2011

With Oreo

With Oreo With Oreo

My day opened nicely - was able to jog around the plaza for a few laps before walking back home. My emotions today was quite unpredictable; I was happy one minute then sad the next. Certain realities in life makes me sad, but I still love everything that is happening to me at this moment.

I was able to do my Hip Hop Abs Cardio, but I wasn't able to do the Ab Sculpt this afternoon because I finished some assignments, brother wanted us to go to the market, then I cooked, served and ate dinner, then a few minutes after dinner, mom's sisters came over for a visit. I was able to do the 8 Minute Arms (yey)... my arms (near the armpits) are still feeling a bit sore from Monday's workout, but doing this was much bearable than the last time. Now, my whole body is feeling a bit sore... from the arms workout and the legs workout from yesterday.

After eating my very light lunch, I had this sudden urge to check all the bags filled with old clothes just to see if there are clothes that I can fit into again. I got to see the old rose blouse and it made me remember the very reason why I started doing this journey. The picture on the left was taken 09 July 2011, when my sister and I attended the FOOD Kitchen Series at Enderun Colleges. That day, I was very okay... but when I saw this picture of ours with our cousin Marjorie and Chef Andreas Gillar (of Enderun Colleges), it felt like watching a horror movie. I was slapped with the awful reality that I really have to face my weight problem. The past few months after that you now know... just back read.

I decided to wear the blouse and pants to see how was I doing. The pants were a bit loose, but not in the way that it slides off my hips... the blouse is slightly bigger, and I guess you can tell the difference between two pictures. The weight I lost may not be that much - I still have 50lbs to lose - but seeing the difference made me really cry. I am so proud of myself.

My aunt Bing (who is working in Canada) came home the other night. She was busy working on some documents, and since she was staying at another aunt's house and that the husband of my cousin was the one driving for her, they all decided to drop by here to say hello. When I went to give aunt Bing a kiss, she actually didn't know if she would hug me or would like to look at me from head to feet. She was so surprised to see that I lost weight! Aunt Mary told me I should stop at this weight... that I already look better as is, but I told them I still have 50 more pounds to lose and I won't stop 'til I reach it. Aunt Bing told me she has some Belly Dancing DVDs, which she will give me next time. Yey, happy!

It was so nice to have things turn around today. I received more blessings today, so let me list it real quick:
  • Winning a free milk tea c/o Cha Dao Tea Place (means I can now taste their Choco-Strawberry Yakult Blend drink)
  • Receiving an e-mail and a call from Datu Puti regarding a gift pack they wanted to send me (for my food blog).
  • The overwhelming response from people when I posted my "Before and After" picture on my Facebook page.
  • Finding this cute "sexy" bottle, which I can use as a coin bank.
  • Finding my "The New Fit or Fat" by Covert Bailey book.
  • Cousin Marjorie saying she'll give me her slimming food supplement.
  • Brother exchanging his Tribu Express GC for my Max's Restaurant half fried chicken GC.

* Happy Dance *

Laswa and Tilapia

What I ate today -
  • 8:55am - 1 pack Lucky Me! instant Pancit Canton - regular flavor, 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup Nescafe Brown n' Creamy coffee
  • 2:01pm - 1 piece sliced White Bread + thin spread of Malunggay Spread, 1 slice of Papaya
  • 7:03pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup Laswa (squash, malunggay, patola, sigarilyas, and eggplant cooked in water with bagoong isda), 1 piece fried Tilapia fish (110g - weighed as a whole)
  • 8:00pm - 1 Yakult
Total Cups of Water: 16

The Laswa dish for tonight was inspired by the dish mom and I had while in Cebu. I decided not to include Kangkong anymore, but tasting the dish, it made me remember that I forgot to include sweet potatoes! Well, maybe next time. :)

I decided to switch lunch and breakfast... because I really love eating my instant Pancit Canton with rice. Since I ate a lot for breakfast, I decided to eat light for lunch, just to balance it out.

Watching "Gellicious" on TV5, I was able to see a new restaurant I want to eat at - Corner Tree Cafe in Jupiter, Makati. This has been the fourth (aside from the ever famous Bodhi) vegetarian restaurant I heard about (first was Pipino, then the Greens Restaurant, then the Gandiva Cafe), and now that I have fully embraced the healthy lifestyle, I am now excited to do food trips at vegetarian restaurants!

If you plan to eat at any of these restaurants and you want a companion... do give me a ring, I would like to eat there!


  1. Woo Hoo, everybody do the happy dance, really enjoyed this post.

  2. That is really awesome the transformation that you are going through. Anything is possible! Great pics doll.

  3. Wow! You are doing fantastic! What a wonderful Christmas present for yourself. God Bless you on your journey!


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