Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas, darling.
We're apart, that's true.
But I can dream, and in my dreams
I'm Christmas-ing with you.
- The Carpenters, "Merry Christmas, Darling"

Day 85
24 December 2011


The night before, I was asking my family if I will go out and walk today. Mom answered a very sounding "yes," and I told her I was sort of hoping she'd say, "Don't go out and walk, it's Christmas." She said, "Well, it's not yet Christmas tomorrow." Toinks.

I woke up a bit late (because I did wake up around 4am again, but I went back to sleep because it was chilly - bed weather), but I still prepared and went out to walk. Very few people walking around Colinas Verdes today, but I was happy to still see several people walking and jogging, at least I wasn't completely alone.

Before going home, I passed by the market to buy ingredients for the Pansit Bihon, but I only brought along p150 and I was only able to buy chicken and the vegetables. My money wasn't enough to buy the pansit (haha), so brother and I went back to the market around 9:30am. Late afternoon we went back to the market again, just to see the chaos. Hahaha. Wow... I walked a lot! :)


I wasn't expecting any material gifts this Christmas (our family isn't into gift-giving), but I received a wonderful gift today - a message from Stephen. He was one of my very first online buddies, and he will always be one special man in my life because he is the only person who has given me flowers (you can read about that HERE). Well, a few weeks after I received the flowers, we got into an argument that caused us to stop talking, but sometime this year, we started talking again, but no talks about past feelings - just pure online subjects. Last time I spoke to him was last August, when I asked him about placing social networking buttons on my blog.

He's a friend on Facebook and he's on YM buddy list, but even if I see him online, I don't talk to him - I guess we've grown apart already. I was surprised to see a message from him saying he misses me. We got to chat after that exchange of PMs on Facebook, and it was great to talk to him in much personal tone again. However, like what I wrote on my personal blog (if you happen to click the link on the last paragraph), we will never be lovers. None of us are still willing to relocate, and he is still in the process of re-building his life and currently, he can't even support himself so he said even if he wants to, he can't be my boyfriend yet.

Well... the fact that he and I are friends again, I am already thankful. I love reconnecting bridges!

Noche Buena Outfit

Around 9pm, us girls went to the nearby chapel to hear mass. I wore a blouse that I used to wear - my mom bought this for me sometime in 2002 or 2003, but I only got to wear it once because it was too small for me - my arms were so big for the sleeves, and my tummy bulges were too visible. After that one instance, I quickly placed the blouse inside the "for donation" bag, but never really gave it away. Every time I'd attempt to lose weight, I'd try it on, but I never got to fit into it again - until now.

Sweet gift indeed to be able to fit into something so small to me before.

Okay, about the homily. It was short and sweet... and it was about the reason for today's celebration: the gift of life. God gave us His son, and each and every one of us is a gift. This year, I am certainly most thankful about the gift of life, and I thank God for giving me a loving family (far from serious sickness, harm, and other negative forces), I thank God for giving me awesome friends - I don't have much friends, but what I have I truly treasure, I thank God for letting me meet people who has inspired me in more ways than one, and I thank God for gifting me the wonderful gift of being myself - being able to handle problems, sickness, pressures, and heartaches. Life truly is the best gift I have received.

Cake from Sis

What I ate today -
  • 8:45am - 2 squares Biko
  • 11:49am - 1/2 cup rice, Paksiw na Bangus (1 steak cut), 1 tablespoon Eggplant Omelet
  • 5:20pm - 1 slice cake, some chicken cartilages (after flaking the chicken for the pansit we plan to cook for Noche Buena)
  • 6:47pm - 1/2 cup rice, 3 medium sized prawns, 1/2 cup Pansit Bihon
Total Cups of Water: sorry, I wasn't able to count, I stopped updating the white board at 6 cups.
About the slice of cake... it wasn't too thick, just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

We had Noche Buena around 12:45am of December 25, so expect a longer food list for tomorrow's post. :)

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