Monday, December 12, 2011

The Beck Diet Solution: Day 2

I already posted Day 1 sometime last week, am supposed to make a post everyday, but as you know now, I got a little sick, which made me put some things on hold... but since I am very fine now, it's time to resume regular programming.

The Beck Diet Solution Day 2

As what's printed on the image, Day 2 is about choosing reasonable diets. On the book, Dr. Beck listed two types of diets: Set Eating Plans and Counting Systems. Before choosing, Dr. Beck gave a few questions to help dieters choose what type of diet they want to do.
  • Think of the past diets you've been to. How did any of these work for you?
  • Do you function better if you have set rules to follow?
  • Do you have less cravings if you know certain foods are off-limits?
  • Do you do better if you have more flexibility?
Each type has its pros and cons, and between the two, I went for the Counting System as I find it very flexible and it allows me to blend in. I am a food blogger and a member of a family with hearty appetite, and if I box myself in a diet that only follows set meals, that would make me an odd-man out and it will hinder me some life's privileges. I have a fitness buddy, yes, but I am not good friends with some Filipino dieters who follow a specific diet plan (like South Beach), so if I let myself plunge into this type of diet plan, I will feel I am so alone in this journey.

With the exception of pork and softdrinks, I actually allow myself to eat most types of food, but in moderation. If you follow this blog, you do know I allow myself to eat 1/2 cup of rice per meal, 50g of meat and 70g of fish and other seafood. Certain indulgences are allowed, but I try to avoid it whenever I am home... I told myself I will allow myself these indulgences whenever I am attending events or special occasions. That way, I am not sabotaging my diet completely and it allows me to still enjoy life.

That is the reason why I don't think I will go to special kinds of diet. I have set 150lbs as my Ultimate Goal Weight, but in reality, this journey goes on forever, even when I hit my UGW. When I was in High School, I got to read a magazine that features "the Cabbage Soup" diet - which allows dieters to eat the Cabbage Soup most times. That will surely allow any dieters to lose weight rapidly... but what happens then when they reach their goal weight and they resume regular life (eating all sorts of food)? They sure will gain back all the weight they lost because they will be eating more calories. Also, tying myself to a specific diet will make me burnout and quit as quick as possible. Since I am on this journey forever, might as well be as a regular person as I am now and lose weight little by little, so once I reach my UGW, maintaining it will be much easier as I worked on my lifestyle and did not drag myself into some crash course diet.

Dr. Beck also shared some guidelines for a "Doable Diet," which I want to share to you, too:
  • Your diet should be healthy.
  • Choose a diet that includes food you like and can easily prepare.
  • Choose a diet's that flexible.
  • Choose a diet that allows you to budget for indulgences.
  • Learn from your past.

Today is all about picking two reasonable diets. Before closing this topic, Dr. Beck asked for a back-up diet in case the primary diet will not work. At the moment, I don't have a back-up diet as my primary one works for me, but if I do find people near me who are doing the South Beach Diet, I might consider it... provided I have the money for it. Hahahaha.

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