Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thinspiration: Honey Kei

When I first met her, she's already slender and sexy. Why is she one of my thinspirations? It's because she told me that sometime in her life, she used to have size 36 waistline. Quite hard to believe, but she told me it's through exercise and moderate eating that she was able to get the body she wanted. When I posted my recent picture on Facebook, she was the very first one to comment on it, and I appreciated the very sweet gesture.

I took this picture of her while we were in Coron, Palawan seven months after I met her. I was so thankful for this trip because it was this trip that made me know her - I actually just chanced upon their plans of going on an out of town trip at a forum and since I butted in their conversation, they asked me to travel with them.

We may not talk regularly, but she has been one of the dearest friends I met through the forum. She has been so supportive in my efforts to lose weight (even giving me tips and suggestions) and she has been one of those who believe I can achieve my goals. I am not sure if I can be as sexy as her, but I sure will give it my best to come as close to this (crossing fingers).

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