Monday, December 12, 2011

Habit a Week 9: Curb Nighttime Eating

I wasn't able to update the Habit-a-Week challenge last Monday, so I decided to just take a pause and continue this week. Recapping the last weeks:
  • #1: Fix Your Water Intake - I attempted to go 15 cups of water (at least) this week, but there were days that I went below it, but because my water intake was still 12 cups (minimum), I still did well, I think.
  • #2: Move! - I got tummy aches, so I wasn't able to move much...but I still tried walking from our house to the market (and back) as well as do at least the Cardio part of Hip Hop Abs.
  • #3: Eat a Veggie - I lessened intake of veggies this week, but I am still eating at least one kind of veggie this week.
  • #4: Increase the Fiber - I didn't increase my fiber, but relied much on veggies and Papaya to help regulate my bowels.
  • #5: Slow Down - This is not a problem for me anymore, thank heavens!
  • #6: Eat Healthy Fats - Used the Lite Margarine and I didn't eat fried food this week, but of course I still used oil for sauteeing.
  • #7: Watch Your Portions - There were two lunch days when I had a full cup of rice and I went over 50g of beef, but since I didn't go beyond 100g, I guess all is still okay.
  • #8: Love Yourself - Being sick allowed me to listen to my body more, and I did great in handling the situation, by not whining and sabotage the whole essence of this journey.

I don't have a picture for this week's Habit-a-Week Challenge, but this week is about Curb Nighttime Eating. This isn't really a big challenge for me because I am not really into midnight snacks and my dinner is usually the last meal of the day. I try to eat dinner before 8pm because I go to bed around 10 or 11, so I will have no problems for this.
I admit that I do tend to get hungry around 11pm (if I am still awake), but I would always just let go of the cravings as I will be sleeping anyway. If the tummy growls get louder, I'd consider dropping whatever it is I am doing and just go to bed and sleep the feeling away.
However, I do understand that certain things will happen in the future that I may not have control of - like attending food events scheduled at night, or when attending parties. In the past experiences, food events aren't that much of a bigger threat because traveling from the location back to our place would take lots of time that it would still allow my tummy to digest it. Sadly, the past few events I attended at night didn't serve that much (just enough to make one feel full), so I still don't know how I will attack the situation if I happen to be served a lot of food.
Parties (especially the ones with friends) and get-together are bridges I haven't crossed yet, so I seriously don't know what I will do to minimize the eating / snacking. Oh well, I will cross it when I get there, for the mean time, I am just happy this challenge is something not challenging for me. :) Hooray for that!

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