Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friday 'til Monday

I loved every second we're together.
- Pipoy's Text Message
I am not really that busy the past few days, but I wasn't able to update much of my blogs because Bloody Mary came to visit me and I was either lazy or dizzy. Anyway, here's a recap of Friday 'til Monday.

Sister's White Top

Day 77
16 December 2011

Today I took the privilege of trying on some of mom and sister's clothes (mostly blouses). I took about 8 or 9 blouses off mom's closet - 99% of them I was able to fit into, but some showed my tummy bulges, some fitted perfectly, one was still way too small, and one was quite big. This white top was my sister's... she did take this picture, but she asked me to immediately take it off because it might stretch and it might be too big for her when she wears it. Well, I don't know if the fabric's stretchable enough, my guess was that she just didn't want me to wear her clothes because if I did post a picture of myself wearing it, her friends might see it. Hahaha. Still... it felt great to be able to fit into their clothes. I still don't have plans to update my wardrobe... I am still sticking to my clothes, but maybe when I reach 180lbs., I might have no choice but to buy new sets of clothes.

Hula Hoop Girls

Later that afternoon, brother and I went to the market and along our street we saw these girls happily playing with their Hula Hoops. This scenes brought me back to when I was about their age - when I first learned to use the Hula Hoop. Though I could only use it on my waist, I could do about 200 rotations before the hoop touched the ground. How I wish I can teach myself to do this again.

Toasted Bread

Today I ate -
  • 7:52am - 1 piece sliced White bread (toasted) + thin spread of Dari Creme
  • 12:29pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup leftover veggies with Misua and canned mackerel in water
  • *** I forgot what I ate for dinner ***
  • 8:07pm - 1 Yakult, 1 small pack of Lay's Potato Chips (yellow)
Total Cups of Water: 17
I soo need to find myself a small notebook for my Food Journal. Mom didn't eat dinner because she was still full from their Christmas Party, and I think brother and I bought something light because it was just the two of us.

Aunt Bing was here in our house; brother helped her fill up her Canadian Visa application and she decided to stay here.

Day 78
17 December 2011

It's sister's 23rd birthday today! I was hoping she would have her day off, but she had to go to work today. Awww! I couldn't recall a time we didn't celebrate her birthday, but I did go to the market and buy some ingredients so when she gets home, she will have some spaghetti to eat. I let brother cook her birthday treat (because she gets home around 1am), so I wasn't sure how it turned out.

No exercise for me today because I was lazy. However, I did something awesome: re-arrange my room! No pictures yet, because part of the room I devoted to the "to go" things (trash, recyclables, for donations). Will take a picture once I cleared the clutter.

Amplaya with Chicken and Sotanghon

What I ate today -
  • 7:33am - 1 piece Chicken Empanada
  • 11:58am - 1 cup Ampalaya with Chicken and Sotanghon, 1/4 cup rice
  • 6:37am - 1/2 cup Garlic Rice, 1/2 cup Cuttlefish Adobo, 1 slice ripe papaya
  • 8:15pm - 1 Yakult
Total Cups of Water: 15
I let brother cook the Ampalaya dish and I wasn't so into it... it didn't tasted the way I'd cook it, but I did enjoy the lunch - after I sprinkled some salt.
Shangri-La Plaza

Day 79
18 December 2011

I wasn't able to photograph any of the foods I ate, but I did eat...
  • 8:37am - 1/2 cup rice, 4 pieces siomai
  • 12:20pm - 1 cup Pansit Bihon
  • 7:30pm - 1/2 cup rice, Fish Sinigang (70g Dorado fish, sigarilyas, kangkong)
Total Cups of Water: 13
Today, Pipoy and I decided to meet. We already planned to meet this weekend, but because of certain life events - like sister's birthday and a client call on his part, we decided to meet today instead. We met late at night (around 10:30-ish in the evening), and there was no workout today; tonight is our Christmas party - a time to celebrate a joyous and wonderful relationship.

He took me somewhere out of town... and while on the road, he showed me certain places about his life - where he lives (the jeep passed by the gate of their neighborhood) and where he does his morning jog/run. It was so great to be a part of his life; seeing things about his world... soon, I might take him to Colinas Verdes so he would see my part of world, too!

Anyway, he took to a place where we could sing.... and sang I did! I am such a frustrated singer that I always held the mic....

Tora Tora?

Day 80
19 December 2011

... but sometime around 4:30 in the morning, I was singing and had no plans to let him hold the mic, but he did join me and gave the mic to me towards the end of the song. It was a very wonderful duet! We certainly had a blast!

We called it a day around 9am. We did eat breakfast first and he took the bus with me going to Robinson's Galleria and along the way, he shared more things about his world: where he brought some medicines after that one heated argument we had (I felt guilty about that - he had to go to Mercury Drug at 11pm because I elevated his blood pressure), where his mom buys ingredients for their meals, where he often buys his breakfast, where he goes to when he needed a deserving massage. All the time we were together, he was either holding my hand or letting my head rest on his shoulders... the way he takes care of me is something so wonderful I love it.

...and I am so glad he enjoyed his time with me, too.

Oh, while I was on my way home, I did saw some small planes in the sky (the picture above I took from the bus' window) and for a moment I was scared seeing planes like these (there were more planes actually... I only was able to frame three) - it was like watching a war movie. Oh geez.

I wasn't able to exercise today - other than exercising my throat; it was around 1pm when I got home and I fell asleep and woke up at 4pm. Bloody Mary came morning of Sunday, and since my period is so heavy, I don't think I can do any of my video workouts, will just resolve by walking.


What I ate today -
  • 9:41am - Chopseuy Meal from Chowking... I took out all the meat on my dish and I gave Pipoy half of my rice, but I did get a piece of his breaded fish and we shared 1 Buchi
  • 1:15pm - 1 cup Pansit Bihon
  • *** I forgot what we ate for dinner ***
  • 8:02pm - 1 Yakult
Second time for me not to jot down my dinner. Sorry.

Anyway, Pipoy and I already shared morning snacks and lunch... and now breakfast. Hopefully next time we could share dinner as well.

I couldn't express how much I loved being with Pipoy. Yes, I get to talk to him every single day, but spending time with him - seeing him, touching him, laughing with him - is so much better! He is the most important gift I received from the heavens this year, and I am looking forward to many many years with him.

My heart goes bang bang boom!

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