Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Beck Diet Solution: Day 3

The Beck Diet Solution Day 3

Given the title for today, I am sure you'd say you're always eating sitting down...but are you really? Answer these:
  • Do you take samples of food from the grocery store?
  • Taste / eat food while preparing your meal?
  • Sneak bits of dood from someone's plate as you clear the table?
  • Spoon ice cream direct from the container or reach into a bag of chips while walking around talking on the phone?
  • Take a piece of candy or any kind of food as you walk past the snack jar sitting on a co-worker's desk?
  • Nibble on to something you see when opening the refrigerator to get something else out?

If you answer yes to any of these, then you are not eating "sitting down." Today's topic is about letting go of the additional calories brought about by impulse snacking.

I admit, I used to be like that - whenever I pass by the dining table and saw some leftover food, I'd reach and get a piece of meat, or I'd volunteer to flake the chicken during Christmastime because I can pop some chicken meat into my mouth or maybe nibble on the meat hanging from the bones. Thanks to my food journal, I was able to let go of these sudden urges to eat because I really don't want a long list of food eaten during the day. Well, at times I allow myself to snack, which is why even if I am almost okay with this topic, I still have something to learn.

Christmastime is just around the corner. Our family may be small, but there is a possibility of cooking more than enough because some guests might drop by and we need to serve them food. I really should train myself to control urges to eat while preparing or cooking food, just so I can survive the holidays without gaining weight. I am sure this is something not too difficult to do.

Dr. Beck stressed one thing about this topic: Every calorie counts. Giving up the potato chips while watching TV or giving up the urge to chug down juice or soda everytime you open the fridge may help you lose weight. Yes, I know you'd say a chip or two or a gulp of soda don't have much calories, but in the long run, you'll see the difference. You may only save yourself 1 calorie per day, but do know that it will be 30 calories saved by the end of the month.

One way of satisfying yourself while you eat sitting down - lay out all your food in front of you. That means, plate the food you will eat (as if you're eating at a restaurant) just so you can trick your mind that you're eating just enough or make you feel visually satisfied.

Quoting something from the book, "When you eat standing up, you might feel physically full as if you had eaten sitting down, but you won't feel as psychologically satisfied. Tasting, chewing, and swallowing food gives you a certain degree of satisfaction, but you also need visual satisfaction. You have to make the most of every bite."

The next time you see some food that "calls your name," think about it: are you really that hungry to eat it?

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