Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Rewards Still

Goals / challenges I set for myself last week:

Diced Chicken with Cashews
  • No pork this week, beef allowed once this week. I didn't eat pork, yes... but I ate beef twice - one for dinner the other for lunch the following day.
  • No fried food - including fried rice. Sauteed dishes are okay, after all, most Filipino dishes start with sauteeing. A very sweet surprise... I was able to survive the week without frying anything!
  • Chicken breast only. I admit I miss eating chicken thighs and drumsticks (and wings, too!) but I am happy to focus on the breasts this week. I think I am getting the hang of it.
  • Try two new dishes that are healthy, of course. I tried two recipes - one for the Diced Chicken with Cashews, the other an experimental dish - Chicken Pasta in Chunky Tomato Sauce. I used chicken breasts for both dishes.
  • 15 cups of water at least per day. I think there was a day that I had less than 15 cups.
  • Coffee three times this week, with a dash of cinnamon. This is a new-found love: adding a dash of cinnamon to a cup of warm (not piping hot) cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Brown n' Creamy coffee.
  • Do exercises to help tone the arms and thighs. Well, I did find a video workout I could try, but I didn't give it a go because of my tummy aches.

I am feeling great now! However, as much as I want to go to the salon and get a new haircut, I just can't excuse myself just because I got sick. Goals are goals, and rewards are rewards. I chose not to give myself exceptions, so no salon trip for me.

My goals this week will just be a continuation of last week's, though I added and omitted some things. (These goals apply from Monday - 12 Dec 'til Saturday - 17 Dec)

  • No pork and beef. Hmmm... maybe I should take out the "no pork" entirely, because I already made a vow never to eat pork again, so okay, goal #1 is no beef this week.
  • Chicken breasts only.
  • Try another two healthy dishes.
  • A slice of papaya and a tablet of B-Complex vitamins everyday.
  • Do exercises to tone arms and legs/thighs.
  • 15 cups of water a day - at least.

I now allow myself to eat processed meat, provided it's in moderation. No Spam or Ma-Ling for me, but I can eat the "healthier options" like Chicken Vienna Sausage or Tuna Hotdog or Turkey Franks. This week, I want to give myself something to hold on to by the end of the week. These aren't rewards, I call these privileges.

  • I can eat any chicken cut (except neck) every Sundays.
  • If I want to try a recipe that is not part of my weekly goals, I can only do every Sunday.
  • Generally, weekends are my off days, but since I am doing two sets of exercises (one for arms and the other for the legs), I am giving myself the option to do the exercise either Saturday or Sunday.

I am still thinking of some privileges, but of course, having these doesn't mean I am going to pig-out... I still will watch my portions and be strict as to how much I eat.

Pipoy gave me a big challenge - not to eat rice for the whole week, but I seriously can't do that for now. I am giving it a deeper thought, but next week, I might attempt to do this, or maybe a subtle version of it. Sorry my dear... I am not ready yet.

Anyway, rewards? Well, it's my sister's birthday on Saturday... since I still am tied around my goals, I am successful in doing all the goals by Friday, I might give myself a little privilege to eat more... though I doubt if I will; remember how / what I ate when we celebrated brother's birthday? I think, should the family eat out, I will just give each dish a taste and be conscious of what I put on my plate.

Other rewards I am thinking of... buy the things that caught my attention at the tiangge... and if I have enough money left, I will get the much needed haircut.

My fitness buddy and I will meet up this Sunday; am already excited!

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