Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Set of Goals for 2011

This will be a very quick post; time for me to sleep, but I still haven't updated my goals since last week, so this week, being the last week of December, here are my goals:
  • Walk as much as I can. If I can go out and walk to and around Colinas Verdes, the better, but if not, will resolve by walking to the market or use the Elliptical Machine.
  • Make water as the main drink. Since the neighbors often drops by here right after welcoming the new year, we would often have some alcoholic drinks, which is a big no-no. Juices and Iced Tea are somewhat okay, but not more than one glass.
  • A little taste will do. On the 29th, I will be having a food trip with Asmodeus and some members of the Blue Board, then my Aunt Bing's friend is coming over from Canada on the 30th... my Aunt asked if I can come with them touring her friend around the metro, so I will have "no control" of what food will be served; what I have control of, fortunately is how I treat the food in front of me. Of course, I am a foodie, I have a food blog, I am a friend and a family member. I will treasure the moments, but I will do my best not to sabotage my diet. A taste of each of the dishes will do.
  • Get enough sleep. After Mr. Pipoy's call at 9pm, I should start preparing myself for bed, so when he calls around 10pm, I am already lying on the bed. Lights off after his call before entering the company's building.
  • Be careful of the impulsive eating in between meals. The holidays often leaves us with lots of left over food, so I have to watch over myself, making sure I won't take a bite of something whenever I pass by the dining room.

December wasn't a good month for me, but while I can't exercise much, all I can do is to help myself by watching over my food intake.

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