Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Today I am supposed to post my food and exercise log for yesterday (12 Oct), but I plugged my cell phone to charge its batteries, and since I don't have much time as I have to meet a friend at 1pm (well, our place is very far, I need to be up and running by 10:30am if I don't want to be late), I will just post about this, since the images were long available in my folder. :)

Fitnesse Cereals 30 Grams

Fitnesse Cereals

Koko Krunch and Honey Stars may be the family's choice when it comes to cereals, but we don't really buy cereals that often because we found it a bit pricey and we tend to eat a whole lot. Personally, I decided to scratch it off our list permanently because my brother would eat two big bowls of cereal (one after another), and would eat some again for snacks. I felt he was eating the most of the cereals, so no more cereals for us.

A few days after I started the journey in August, I was able to see a TVC for the Fitnesse 14 Day Program. It looked a very enticing, so the next grocery trip, sister and I bought a box each of the Fitnesse Cereals and a box of low fat milk.

The Program was simple... simply replace breakfast and another meal with Fitnesse cereals.

However, it wasn't really that simple for a person who can't take a "lot" of dairy products. I wasn't having any problems eating the cereal for breakfast and dinner, but after a few days, I had a terrible tummy ache that lasted the entire week. I am not really lactose intolerant, but I guess having a cup of milk everyday was too much for my tummy to handle.

I still do eat the cereal, but not to replace two meals a day. I either eat it for breakfast or dinner, because I found out that the Fitnesse meal with low fat milk only had 170+ calories. We don't normally buy fruits and eating this for breakfast made me skip the morning coffee, so I found it a very good diet solution.

Just one thing to know... the meal has to have 30 grams of cereal with 125ml of milk (1/2 cup), and you can pair it with fruits and veggies (I personally love adding sliced bananas into my bowl to add a little sweetness, but even with just milk, the cereals actually taste good). Of course, your one other meal has to be balanced, so its effect can be truly seen.

I don't know if there were drastic changes on me, but knowing this is a low calorie meal is the one reason why I always buy a box of the cereal. One box (330g) cost about 175 pesos, and when eaten twice a day, the box of cereal will last for 5 days. Not bad. :) Well, since this is my breakfast food (unless I ran out of milk), my box lasts for 11 days.

Copying what was written on the box: "The 14 day meal plan is recommended if you are 18 to 50 years old with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 25, and without any medical condition. If you have a medical condition, or you want to lose a substantial weight, do talk to your doctor before beginning the program. The success of this program depend on how strictly you follow the meal plan."

I do recommend this cereal, but of course, what's good for one may not be good for some, so you might want to either consult your doctor first to ask if you can do this program. Like all diet plans, it is also important for us to exercise and eat a balanced meal, so don't just eat the cereals for the entire day, or pig out on fatty / sweet / salty food for your one remaining meal for the day. The word is equilibrium. :)

As for me, I am already contented with eating this for breakfast. With 1700 calorie limit per day, and this being at 170+, I still have a lot of calories to divide for the day, so I am already happy with it.

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