Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Exercise and Food Log 102511

I feel much better now, thank heavens! However, sister and I weren't able to walk to Colinas Verdes because she was having an asthma attack. Anyway, since brother's computer was already on, I decided to check my sites and check videos as well. I searched for "Billy Blanks" and saw this...

Billy Blanks Jr.'s Waist Burner Workout. It was a short one, but enough to perk up the muscles so I decided to try it - and yes, I loved it (although the comments made on the video weren't so nice. I think I want to do this everyday to start my day! :)

Complete list of exercises I made:
  • 7:45am - Billy Blanks Jr. Waist Burner Workout (2.49 minutes), repeated 3 times.
  • 9:11am - Hip Hop Abs Cardio (30 minutes)
  • 1:10pm - Dumbbells (6 sets, 30 reps each)
  • 4:13pm - Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt (23.15 minutes)
Total Cups of Water: 13

It was too darn hot this afternoon! I was supposed to do the Ab Sculpt around 2:00pm, but I couldn't tolerate the heat, despite turning on the electric fan. When I did the Ab Sculpt, it was still very hot causing me a little headache, but of course I was able to finish the routine as the heat wasn't as much as it was after lunch.

Sister and I went to Tungko to look for Cindy Kurleto's "Sensual Aerobics" or Shaun T's "Insanity" or Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred". I wasn't able to see the last two videos, but I got to see a DVD that's similar to the one I am using now. It did have the "Sensual Aerobics" but since I already have a copy of it, I didn't bother letting the store owner play it for me to check if the audio and video jived. If sis and I walk to Colinas Verdes this weekend, I will go check it again. If the audio and video jive, I will buy it so I will have a low-impact workout to do during my "rest days."

Although am not doing it everyday, I can now feel my body getting used to the Hip Hop Abs Cardio. I am now on a lookout on different workouts just to mix it a bit, and this looked very interesting:

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs. Each part has 10 minutes, meaning the whole routine will run for nearly 1 hour. I am thinking of doing this three times a week, and I will start next month. Of course, I would still do Hip Hop Abs, I just want to do up the ante come next month. :)

Beef Sinigang

My food log for today:
  • 6:56am - 30 grams Nestle Fitnesse Whole Wheat Cereals + 125ml low-fat milk
  • 11:50am - 3/4 cup rice, 3 pieces veggie lumpia (each piece has 1 1/2 tablespoons of veggie filling - left over Ginisang Toge from last night, minus the tokwa) + dipping sauce soy sauce, cane vinegar, finely chopped red onions, ground pepper
  • 5:10pm - 1 pack Presto Creams cookie sandwich - peanut butter flavor (1 pack = 3 cookie sandwices)
  • 6:47pm - 3/4 cup rice, Beef Sinigang (100 grams beef short ribs - weighed with bones, 30 grams taro, 20 grams sigarilyas, 10 grams sitaw, a few kangkong leaves)

Whenever Ms. Weng delivers beef short ribs here, I would immediately clean it and take out the fat and some litid, but of course, there were instances that I couldn't really take out the fat and litid. What we do here at home then is to parboil and pressure cook the beef right after eating lunch (or do it early morning if we plan to eat it for lunch), so we can let the stock/broth cool down and allow the oil to harden. Before cooking the dish, we take out the hardened oil, so we won't have any reason to put it beef oil into our bodies.

My dinner seemed "just right," afterall, I would eat this with 1 cup of rice - I just used the 3/4 cup just to train myself to eat lesser than 1 cup, yet after eating dinner, I was so full to the point that I felt as if I pigged out. My tummy felt it was about to burst! My mom was actually offering me some pineapples, but I turned it down because I can't take any more food. I guess my tummy's getting used to eating less na. Should we cook beef sinigang again, I might just go for 1/2 cup of rice.

- * - * - * -

By the way, I posted a very sexy video workout on my "blue forum" thread, and one member commented saying we are on a same boat (he's trying to lose weight, too). We were able to exchange messages, and I am just happy to know another person weighing his food, too. It feels great finding people "of the same feather" because it inspires me to continue doing what I am doing. Anyway, his diet plan was more intense than mine - he doesn't eat carbs, but this short exchange of message sure felt as if I am not alone in the journey.

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