Sunday, October 9, 2011

From Me to You (In the Future)

It was "The Biggest Loser - America" that I first learned about, but it was the Australian version that I got to watch, thanks to YouTube. All the seasons of the Australian version I was able to see, and since then it has been an inspiration. I told to myself then, if the Philippines will have its own version, I'd join. Well, that was a "foot in the mouth" moment, because when ABS-CBN (a local TV Network) did get the franchise for the show, I never really moved a muscle to audition for the show.

Since auditioning for the said show is something I cannot (or don't want, whatever the right term is) do, I guess I can just apply the things I learned from the show into my own ways. In The Biggest Loser - Pinoy Edition, contestants made a video for themselves... kinda like a "time capsule" thingy, wherein they make a video for themselves, which they will watch near the end of their journey. The show just ended last night, but true to what they said, near the end of their journey, the top 5 contestants had a ball (sort of a farewell party because they were set to leave the camp to face the real world), and they aired out each of their videos for themselves. That was a touching moment, and seeing how they changed since they made the video made me a little teary-eyed. I cannot make my own video, so what I can do now is to just write a letter for myself, which I will read again on my birthday, year 2013.


Dear Jenn,

You were tired of failing, you were tired of trying and trying again, but look at you now. You just proved to yourself that you can do it, as long as you believed in yourself and kept your eye on the goal.

So, how does it feel to be one of the "beautiful" people*? I am sure by now you were telling people your secrets to success, and I see that as a wonderful change. Losing weight is really one of the most difficult things people have to endure, but I am sure you do know now that it can also be one of the biggest triumphs people can receive.

You put yourself into lots of little battles to get to were you are right now, but please don't be afraid to look back into your past once in a while - not to consider going back to it - but rather as an inspiration. Please, please, please, don't go back to how you look like when I first made this letter. Aside from it doesn't look good physically, it's also not good in the health perspective. Just embrace who you are now, and be an inspiration to others who also want to lose weight.

I am very proud of you, girl. I know you were able to do a lot as an obese person, but I am very optimistic that you can do more now that you've reached your ideal weight. Climb to Mt. Pulag? I don't see why not.

Your journey was inspirational, but please don't forget the hardships you've went through. Don't forget the people that gave you their support, for without these hardships and these people, you might have not reached your goal. Now that you're this awesome, awesome person, don't forget to pay it forward and inspire more people.

I love you.

ps - The digital scrapbook quick page I used for this post was made by Kristin Aagard. It was actually a desktop calendar, I just cropped it because I prefer to write the words here on my post rather than use the white space for journaling. The image of me in the quick page was taken Christmastime late 1990s.

* "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people" is a line from the Beatles' song, "Baby, You're a Rich Man."

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