Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exercise and Food Log 101711

Ohh lookie... I don't have a picture for today, demmet! I didn't take a picture of my lunch because I'd just take a pic of my dinner, but come dinnertime I forgot to take a picture of my food because I so wanted to eat then. Anyway, my food today:

  • 8:18am - 2 pieces sliced loaf bread, greased with 1 teaspoon slightly melted DariCreme + 1/8 teaspoon minced garlic then toasted
  • 12:20pm - 1 cup rice, 1 piece eggplant (sliced and fried), 1 square firm tofu (diced and fried), toyo-mansi for dipping (2 tablespoons soy sauce, 2 pieces kalamansi), 2 tablespoons stove-top baked mac (sister's lunch)
  • 7:00pm - 1 1/2 cups rice, 5 pieces espada fish (fried), chopped tomatoes, white onion and 1/2 teaspoon patis (dipping sauce)
  • 10:49pm - 1 cup Athena milk (3 teaspoons milk powder mixed with warm water, without sugar)
Total Cups of Water: 19

I allowed myself to eat a lot today, because it's been so long since we last ate espada fish, and it bringing foodie memories just made me want to enjoy eating it. I actually ate using my hands for dinner (awesome feeling, I tell you), but even if I felt I pigged out, sister said allowing myself to eat an extra 1/2 cup of rice wasn't something to get alarmed at... but of course, this sort of personal rewards shouldn't be tolerated everyday. I used my privilege today, next pig-out privilege will be given next week.

Anyway, I started drinking Athena Milk tonight. I am starting to get alarmed because my right foot is still aching (not the heel, but the painful part that I was complaining about since August), and whenever I make circles using my foot (kinda like rotating the ankles), I could hear my bones cracking. I think being at this weight without proper calcium supplement is starting to put pressure on my bones, so I am now adding a cup of Athena Milk into my diet. According to the label, 35 grams (about 3 heaping tablespoons) of this milk mixed in water is about 135 calories, and since I use teaspoon, I think my calorie intake is much lesser than 135 calories. Well, it's not much anyway, I will just skip snacks so I won't go beyond my 1700 daily calorie limit. Besides, this milk is giving me more benefits than harm, at least I am giving myself a dose of calcium and other nutrients rather than eating a bag of chips which has more calories than that.

Exercise-wise, I gave myself a star today. I really motivated myself to move and keep up with my list of things to do. For my exercise log...
  • 7:20am - Hip, Buns, and Thighs exercises (20 reps each set) | Dumbbells (30 reps, 5 sets) | Elliptical Machine (2 minutes)
  • 9:02am - Hip Hop Abs (Cardio) - complete
  • 11:00am - Hip Hop Abs (Ab Sculpt) - complete
  • 1:01pm - Dumbbells (30 reps, 6 sets) | Elliptical Machine (2 minutes)
  • 3:30pm - Hip Hop Abs (Hips, Buns, Thighs) - incomplete; routines with yoga mat not included | Elliptical Machine (2 minutes)
  • 8:10pm - Dumbbells (30 reps, 5 sets)
  • 10:58pm - Elliptical Machine (2 minutes)

Last week, I was sooo lazy, and I am glad I snapped out of it as I really owe myself the movements I hindered myself of doing. Today I was so tired, yes... but when I asked myself, "Are You Happy?" My mind, my body, and my emotions answered a very sounding "Yes." I used to hate being sweaty, but now, seeing myself with soaking wet makes me happy. A natural high I got - hitting the showers after my late morning and late afternoon workout. It just feels so refreshingly good!

By the way, for the first time, I was able to finish the Hip Hop Abs (Ab Sculpt) workout video. Before, I couldn't finish it because I needed a yoga mat to do the last 6.49 minutes of the workout, but today I was able to make adjustments by using the Ab Rocket Machine as my mat. Unfortunately, I still couldn't finish the Hip Hops Abs (Hips, Buns, and Thighs) workout, because the last 7 minutes of the video required me to be in the cat position then I had to put up one of my legs, while my other knee supports all my weight. I think I am still way too heavy for this, but I will keep trying. Who knows, I might be able to finish this routine. :)

Before I called it a night, I checked my weight. I am now back to my weight after my August journey; meaning I already lost the 6lbs I gained back in September. I know, it's not stable yet, that I could be weighing 2lbs heavier than that as of this writing, but knowing I was able to tipped the scale at 220lbs was something that felt so wonderful. I won't be weighing myself for the next two weeks, though, just to give myself a sense of surprise. :)

Today is such a happy, happy, day. If Mondays dictate our mood for the week, then I am sure my week will be an awesome one!

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