Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello, Miss Slenderella

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I welcome you all to my new home.

If you're already a friend of mine, you do know that I already started posting about my ways to get fit and lose all the unwanted weight over my personal blog, but I decided to devote a space just for my weight loss journey because my personal blog is filled with other topics. Here, I can just write in everything about this journey - be it about a triumph or a failure.

I wrote on my personal blog that I'd officially open this blog last Sunday, but actually, this blog has been in the blogosphere since the 13th of September, testing different blog templates and all - but I finally settled for this (I do LOVE notebook styled blog templates). Anyway, I was actually ready to open this blog last Sunday, but the day before that, something tragic happened.

I found out that the 6lbs I lost last August came back to haunt me.

Yep. In a short span of time, I gained back all the 6lbs I lost, which made me feel really, really, bad. I admit, I lessened the exercise the month of September, and that there were days when I ate more than I should, but gaining 6lbs in one month despite my few days of exercising seemed surreal. I blamed myself for everything, but what I didn't understand was that the clothes that fit me when I lost the weight still fits me good 'til now, then why the heck did the scale say I am back to my old weight?

Could be two things: a) What I lost in August were mainly water weight; b) I am now starting to build up the muscles.

Or.. it can also be all these things - plus the laziness and the overeating, as what a friend told me a while back, that caused the weight gain.

This weekend, I was very fragile and depressed. I do admit my mistakes, and every night I pray to God to help me get back on track, and I guess me knowing about the weight gain was God's way of helping me get back on track. By letting me know the harsh reality of my obese life, I now know that I really should act about it. One message I received through SMS, "Do not worry too much about your physical size. The important thing is that you're strong." Oh yes, I am strong, which is why I am not going to let this weight gain ruin this goal.

Front View, Month 1 Side View, Month 1

So okay... hello, again!

I find it really funny that I am about to start this journey weighing the same weight as I was last August, but at least, I am about to start something. Come to think of it, I didn't really give up, I still am determined to reach my goals.

The pictures above were taken today, just because I didn't have a "before" picture last August. Looking things at a positive perspective - at least now I do have a picture of myself at the start of this journey. :) Currently, I am weighing 226lbs, giving me 76lbs to lose before I reach my goal.

Yes, I know I look awful... but in time, I will be Little Miss Slenderella!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Every month, I'd weigh myself just to see how things are going... and yes, even if the scale tells me I gained weight, I'd still jot it here, because I want this blog to very honest. I will put this cute ticker at the top part of the blog, so I will be reminded that I am on a journey and that I have to stay on track.

What to expect from this blog?

Aside from the usual life stories, I will also talk about:
  • Exercise - may it be something from the magazine, or a video from YouTube, or things my friends recommend me to do.
  • Diet - a collection of food that may help us lose weight, get fit, and healthier.
  • Challenges - hitting the plateau is just one of those; this also talks more about my rants (as we can't really avoid having some).
  • Inspirations - words, pictures, success stories than can boost us to continue on with this journey.
  • Weigh-In - updated monthly.
  • Exercise Log - updated daily, this is where I jot down every exercise/fitness routine I did during the day.
  • Food Log - updated daily, this is where I jot down every piece of food and drink that entered my mouth.

Feel free to suggest what else should I write about. :)

Anyway, this blog is a hush-hush blog. I don't really intend for this to fully come out in the open, but if I do find some fitness blog memes/challenges in the blogosphere, I might join because I do know that having a good support system helps in achieving the goal. While this is a hush-hush blog, should you find your way here and you would like to join the journey - via your own blog or your own ways, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Let's inspire each other!

All comments entered this blog are moderated. While I know the purpose of this blog is very positive, I do know in real life that there are people who will drop in some negative / rude comments. I do respect everyone's opinion, but for the sake of keeping things positive, I deserve the right not to publish comments that are hurtful and rude.

Welcome to my new place, please pray for me that I may be able to achieve my goals in God's perfect time.


  1. Hi, Ms. Slenderella. As I promised, I will always be here to support you. I'm actually following this blog.

    I've been contemplating on opening a life and style blog for a long time now and I have put in limbo until August of this year. And here I am with a new blog which I hope can inspire others.

    Simply Halie

  2. Hi Jenn, thank you for this blog. I started my journey to weight loss last year and made a weight loss blog myself. More power!


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