Monday, October 24, 2011

Habit a Week 3: Eat a Veggie

I decided to just make one post covering all I needed to cover, so if you're here to read about the third habit building block, please scroll down... but I sure hope you'd read this few introductions first. :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I was thankful that I didn't get colds and cough even if my sister's sick for a few days now. However, something was wearing me down today - symptoms that I am going to have a visit from Bloody Mary anytime soon. My lower back is aching - that I can't bend down - and my breasts are starting to feel heavy and ache as well. My exercise for today was the walks from home to the market and back... and today I made two trips, one to buy ingredients for lunch, then again in the afternoon to buy ingredients for dinner.

1 and 1/2 Cups

My food log for today:
  • 9:30am - 1 cup Macaroni-Tuna Salad (boiled salad macaroni, tuna flakes, mayonnaise, minced onion, salt and pepper), 1 cup Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee (Original)
  • 12:11pm - 1 cup rice, Fish Sinigang (55 grams Talakitok, 40 grams talbos ng kamote), 25 grams fried fish, 20 grams fried tokwa, 1 saba banana
  • 6:45pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup Papaya-Malunggay dinengdeng (young papaya and malunggay cooked in water seasoned with bagoong balayan and ginger slices), 1 piece fried Tilapia (105 grams)
Total Cups of Water: 10

An update for the first two building blocks...

I continued drinking water as my main drink, but I had a glass of iced tea at an event I attended last Tuesday. I also started drinking Athena High-Calcium Milk before I go to bed every night, but last night I didn't drink my cup of milk, just because I forgot. :)

Moving... well, I did exercise everyday, even if I only got to do walking on Sunday as my way of moving. I still am going to do the exercises I planned to do, though having symptoms of my monthly period coming up was really wearing me down. If I can't do the Hip Hop Abs routines, I'd sure find ways to have a low-impact exercises, just to at least maintain the weight. Of course, I didn't want my efforts to put to waste by bumming around. :)

Week 3 of Lyn's Habit a Week is about Eating a Veggie. Well, eating vegetables is not new to me, I have already embraced the goodness of vegetables as a great source of vitamins, minerals and all things healthy, so this week, I will try to continue doing it.

For the first time, I made a meal plan, just to be sure that I will eat at least one kind of vegetable everyday. I did plan to cook either Adobong Manok or Pork Binagoongan sometime this week, but since I will be having two main meals per day, even if I'd eat a purely meat dish, I'd make sure I will eat something with veggies for the other meal.

These veggie dishes I plan to eat are typical Pinoy dishes - concentrating more on ways to cook Dinengdeng (hey, that could be a good idea for my food blog), but I am also going to try testing recipes from my culinary magazines and cook books. I may be in a journey to health and fitness, but I am a food blogger, too, so using my main keyword for this journey, I am going to keep all aspects balanced.

One challenge for me, though... familiarize myself with eating carrots and celery sticks for snacks and try vegetables I don't normally cook and eat like Alugbati (Malabar Spinach) leaves, as I read that it is a good source of Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Iron.

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