Sunday, October 16, 2011

Habit a Week 2: Move!

It's now Week Two of Lyn's Habit-a-Week Challenge, but before I go tackle that, lemme just make a quick round up of Week 1.

In the past six days, water has been my main drink, and I am happy to say that even if I had half a glass of iced tea when I attended an event last Thursday night, I never had a drop of softdrinks this week. That's a sweet victory for me, and I am thankful that my brother was selfless enough to keep his softdrinks bottles inside his room, so I never had the chance to really crave for it. I am happy that even if I am doing this alone (my sister needed to lose weight, too, but she's not really fully committed to it), my family are fully supporting me by not asking me to do something that would ruin my path.

In the last six days, I have had a total of 87 cups of water. Add 18 to that (my water intake for today - well, my journal has 17 counts, but I will drink a cup of water before going to bed, 18 cups for today in total), giving my water intake for this week at 105 cups. Divide that by 7, giving me a total of 15 cups of water as my daily average water intake. When I started the journey, I set my water intake to 12 cups, so for this challenge, I passed with flying colors. Of course... the challenges are blocks, so even if I am entering week 2, I still have to keep my water intake at 12 cups per day, at least.

Elliptical Machine

Week 2 is all about Moving. Last week, I wasn't moving that much - I failed to do the exercises I needed to do, and this challenge came at the right time (I thought all along Week 2 will be about eating vegetables). I really need to push myself to do the exercises I set, because I really can't afford to be lax. Weigh-in is coming up in two weeks, not only do I have to lose the 6lbs I gained back last September, I need to lose more than that. If there's a time for me to get moving, it's this week.

Walking to and jogging around Colinas Verdes every weekends is still hazy at this point because I depend on my sister. Yes, I am such a baby and all, but really, this type of activity is something I love to do with a companion, so I won't really force myself to do this, although I am going to plan of doing it every weekend mornings. Other than that, here are the exercises / movements I need to do this week:
  • Hips, Buns, and Thighs exercises - 20 reps each set every morning
  • Hip Hop Abs routines - Cardio, Ab Sculpt, and Hips Buns & Thighs
  • Dumbbells three times a week, 30 reps each set
  • Elliptical Machine for at least four times daily.
  • Hip Sways while cooking.
  • Walking to the market and back home every late afternoon.

Of course, I won't limit myself to these, if I see something worthy of trying, I will do so. If you have any suggestions or tips, just comment away. :)

It's 10:43pm now... I need to be up by 5:30am tomorrow (so I can do many things), so I guess it's time to close this post. Good night!

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